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July 17, 2017

Team BRR…
We have moved to a Facebook-based method of communication starting immediately, and hence this will be my last regular email.  I would imagine there might be one or two a year that will go out regarding AGM, etc.

We have set up a Facebook page:  Big Rock Runners – Let’s Run.   This is a page you must join to view, and anyone can join to follow the discussion.  There is another page just called Big Rock Runners, but that is the public page so would not be the one to join, although some information will be shared with it.   So please go to Facebook and request to join the Big Rock Runners – Let’s Run page.  You don’t have to be a member of BRR to join the page, and we encourage anyone interested in running, or following the happenings of the club, to join.  And remember to turn “notifications” on.

That’s it.  Please sign up!  … or you’ll start missing stuff.

Happy Trails!

May 18, 2017

Team BRR…

Chuck Holmstrom, our fearless Sheep River Road Race leader, would like to invite members of the Big Rock Runners to come to the Sheep River Road Race meeting at the Rec Centre, at 7:30pm this coming Wednesday, May 24. 

If you’re interested in helping, or have ideas, it would be a good opportunity to put your hand up, and share. If you are coming, please let Chuck know.

Friendship Run – The long weekend is here, and so is the Friendship Run.  This Monday, Rodeo Grounds to the Field house….. well, just check my last email, or the website, , for details.

Incredibly, that’s it for today.  More soon.

Remember, be Friendly on Monday… and if you are going to go to the meeting next week, please let Chuck know.

A tout a l’heure!  Or, as our British friends might say, toodle loo!  Or, auf wiedersehen, vaarwel, adjo, adios, adeus, bucsu, addio, …..  well, anyway…

Happy trails…


May 14, 2017

Team BRR…

Three quick things today…

One, the minutes from the Spring Meeting are attached.  Please read them to keep informed!

Two, and this was supposed to go out a week ago, so hopefully not too late.  From Patrick Mayerhofer, who is doing a study on running style and needs a few volunteers:

I am currently doing some research about the running style of different people. At my current study, we look at the term "ride" in running. Unfortunately, we are still looking for some participants. All they need to do is running 4 times 40 meters on a running track, with two different running shoes. Additionally, we will also make a 3D scan of the subject's foot. 

Now to my question: Do you think, that there would be some runners (male with shoe size 8.5 - 9), who would like to join a short study at the University of Calgary? It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours and that' s it. 

I am doing this research for my studies in Austria back home and I would be very happy, if you could help me to find some participants. 

Thank you and sporting regards, 

Please contact Patrick at the email above if you can help.

And lastly, don’t forget the Friendship Run coming up on Monday May 22 (holiday Monday), at 9am.  We’re starting at the rodeo grounds in High River and finishing at the Aldersyde Field House. Rides will likely be available for some who want to leave their car at Aldersyde and get a lift to the start.  To do this I would suggest being at the Field House by 8:30 at the latest.


That’s it for today.   And as we are in the thick of racing season already, remember that running is like wrestling a gorilla – you don’t quit when you’re tired, you quit when the gorilla is tired.  Whether your goal is PR, or age group, or new distance, or to finish, and you’ve given all you’ve got, there is always at least one more step left in your legs...

Good luck in all your running achievements this season.

Happy Trails!


April 26, 2017

Team BRR…

This is a final reminder to come join us at the:

Spring General Meeting on Saturday April 29 at 10:30am

in the Rec Centre, usual coffee spot at the back.  Muffin and cookie alert – yes, there will be some.   It will start after our weekly run, but if you’re not running come anyway.

Chad, our esteemed president, wants you there! 

If you don’t come Chad will be sad, and that will be bad,

And there’s nothing worse than a very sad Chad.

Except of course if Chad was mad,

That would be even more bad than a very sad Chad,

Egad, they would say, how could Chad be mad,

We have never had a sad or mad Chad.

So comrade, please come along and help our lad Chad,

Help him be glad, and neither sad nor mad,

Come to the meeting and good will replace bad,

And Chad will be happy, and not even a tad, sad or mad.


This is an important meeting for the club as it helps to course correct between AGM’s if we need to do so, and let’s us share ideas and information as running and racing season is upon us.

PLEASE COME ON SATURDAY!  … oops, sorry, didn’t mean to shout.

That’s it… shortest email ever.

Happy Trails.

April 17, 2017

Team BRR…


First of all…. Did you notice that all the 5 Canadian teams in the post-season lost in the first game of their respective playoff matches?   I sense a humongous comeback…


I have been mentioning several races off and on.  I’m Barbara Edening these out of thin air, so if you have any you’re doing and would like to share, please send my way.  And remember you can go to various other websites to get more comprehensive lists of races.  Here’s a good one for the local area:


Races of note:

Boston Marathon – Lori will be running this along with another local runner, Niki Doyle, in three days (Monday).  Good luck to our local celebrities J, and check out Bruce Campbell’s excellent article on them in the Wheel from a couple of days ago.


Mary:  Another local set of races that is always fun, something for the whole family and supports a local charity: July 1, High River Half (& Relay), 10k, 5k(run/walk)

Erik:  Don’t forget Lost Soul for some ultra fun!  Coming this September.

Police Half (again) – 21.1k and 5k  Jos and Tom are running this – likely others.  April 30.

Big Sur Marathon – Erna is running this in a couple of weeks.  California dreaming!  April 30.

Eyeball the Wall - 30k / 15k – Peter is running this, a one or two loop race around the Glenmore Reservoir.  April 29.  I did not know about this race, but it sounds cool.

Lots more!!

Spring Meeting Alert!  Don’t forget the upcoming spring meeting at the Rec Centre on Saturday April 29, 10:15am (after our run).  Decisions will be made, so make your voice heard!  We will discuss upcoming club runs, relay opportunities, SRRR, Cross-country, etc.  Please join us.

From Richard: 

Rosie runs with us occasionally and I thought you might like to know what she has been doing lately.

The Royal Bank is presently holding 17 sessions across the country to find potential Olympic athletes that they promote with funding.   Rosie took part in a qualifier at the Field house April 1.   There was a total of 141 entries, Rosie being the smallest with only one other entrant under 50kg.    I don't have all the details of her performances but she was the best of the 34 females in the endurance run, all ages.


Sat 8 Apr. Rosie took part in the MEC Cal. RR No.2.    She ran the Nose Hill uphill 5k run finishing in 10th place overall out of 310 finishers.    She was 3rd place out of 202 females and top in her age group.   Congratulations Rosie!


Big Rock Runners Student Training

BRR Fieldhouse training continues for 5 school age runners under the tutelage of Richard, with an assist from Wayne Gaudet and yours truly, once a week.  We’re having fun, and are seeing progress in the team.  Hopefully they’re benefiting and enjoying it.  (they do keep coming back!)  


Heading to Boston soon!... so if we don’t make it back, please water the plants.    J


Happy Trails!



March 20, 2017

Team BRR…
Lots of stuff today… please read it through, and remember:
“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” 
― Dr. Seuss

Big Rock Runners Annual Spring Meeting
This year it will be held on Saturday, April 29, after our run at the Rec Centre, in our usual coffee spot.  Start time is about 10:15. Please plan on attending, and it’s a good time to pay this year’s membership dues, if you have not yet done so.  $25.

Sheep River Road Race
Here is a note from our illustrious Race Director, Chuck Holmstrom:

September 16, 2017 is our date for the SRRR this year. We moved the date another week later so that we can get more kids registered in the race. Our focus continues to be putting on a fun family event in which all family members can be involved.

We are working hard to make the race look more professional this year and to recognize our long-term sponsors. We had some recognition plaques made up (Picture included) which I have been presenting to them the last couple of weeks. As well we are looking for more sponsors to cover our costs.

We are ordering a new Start/Finish arch which will have the SRRR logo on it to replace our old banner. We are getting New Balance long sleeve shirts again for those who want one and who register before August 1/2017 (this year they will be black). Of course, any volunteer help we can get from the BRR and their families is always appreciated.  If you or your family members can volunteer please let our volunteer coordinator, Berry Urban, know.

This year's venue is St Paul II Collegiate again and the race course will be the same as last year, subject to any new construction along the race route.

Running Biomechanics and Wearable Technology Study – Calgary Scotiabank Marathon
If you are planning on running the Scotiabank Marathon this year, please read this next part – you might be interested.  I wish I was running it, because this looks cool.

Dear Big Rock Runners,
I am a Doctoral student in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary under the supervision of Dr. Reed Ferber, and I will be conducting two studies associated with the 2017 Scotiabank Calgary Marathon looking at running biomechanics and wearable technology.

I am wondering if you have any runners training for the Calgary Full Marathon this year that may be interested in participating in our research. One study includes the use of wearable technology to monitor running patterns before and after the marathon, and the second study uses a wearable sensor (LumoRun) to track the runners' patterns during the marathon race. I have a letter of recruitment for the research that includes a brief outline of the study information and what the participants would have to do, and I can send this to you if you'd like. If you are aware of any runners that may be interested and would be able to share the study info. and my contact information, then that would be greatly appreciated!

I would also be more than happy to discuss this research in person with any of your training groups if you would prefer. Thank you very much in advance for taking my email into consideration. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I would be happy to discuss. Have a great day!

Cheers, Christian Clermont

From Wayne Gaudet – Master Corporal Alfred Barr:
Not all of us would have known Al Barr, but he was an outstanding ultra distance runner who many in our club would have met. Jos, Mary, Gary and myself enjoyed many a day with Master Cpl Alfred Barr at Lost Souls, Blackfoot, Sinister 7 and other races. He had joined the military and was a SAR technician.

He died Wednesday (a couple of weeks ago) in Yorkton Saskatchewan when his parachute failed during a training exercise. He was a fine young man with so much promise. I will miss him and at 31 years of age it's just way too soon for such tragedy.

Upcoming Races and Club Runs
· April 30 – Police Half.
· May 22 (holiday Monday) – Friendship Run.  High River to the Field House.
· May 28 – Calgary Scotiabank Marathon.
· Likely June 3 (TBD at Spring Meeting) – Run to Richard’s House.  (for brekkie - about 13km).
· June 17 – Millarville Half, and 8-miler.
· June 24 – K100 (one team set.  Is anyone wanting to put in a second team?  Can discuss at Spring Meeting).
· September 16 – Sheep River Road Race.  Chuck is Race Director.
· October 14 – Ekiden.  How many teams this year?
· October 21 – President’s Run – around the Vet Loop.
· November 4 – Okotoks Cross Country - we host.  Deanna is Race Director.

And Finally...
Saturday runs are going strong – join us if you have not lately. We would love to see you!
That’s it for today.
And remember, as Egon Spengler once said, “Don’t cross the streams. It would be bad.”

Happy Trails!

February 26, 2017

Bonjour mes amis des Big Rock Runners.  Il est temps encore une fois pour un bulletin d'information.  Yay!

First off, I received a pic from Jim and Patricia, running on a nice sandy beach somewhere warm.  It looks fantastic!  The file was a bit corrupted but I managed to recover it.  It’s attached.  Gotta work on those guns.   J

Upcoming Club Runs and Events

BRR Spring Meeting Date:  April 29, 2017.  Likely right after the run.  Please hold the date.

Police Half:  April 30.  A usual club favourite.

Friendship Run:  Monday May 22.  This year from the High River rodeo grounds to the field house.

Millarville Half and 8-miler:  June 17.

K100:  June 24.  We will have the one team as per usual (defending M40+ champs!). Will there be a second?

Sheep River Road Race: September 9

President’s Run:  October 21.


Running Workshop

Andrea D'silva-Siqueira, who has run with us and is very active with the Sheep River RunHers, and in the community, posted the following on the Big Rock Runners – Let’s Run Facebook Page. 

Angela James, a Master Chi instructor from Vancouver will be hosting a two day Chi Running workshop, Saturday April 29th and Sunday April 30th, as well as a Chi Walking workshop on Sunday April 30th at Holy Trinity Academy, Okotoks.    Please click on the details below to register.   This is a great opportunity for ALL runners (beginner to advance) that would like to know more about running/walking efficiently with good body mechanics and staying injury free and so much more!   Hoping you will take this excellent opportunity to better or enhance your running journey.

Chirunning Half Day Workshop Level1

Thanks Andrea.

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui. 

Bonne Route!


January 29, 2017

Team BRR...

I'm two thumbing this on my phone.  Weird formatting allowed  And it will be short.   A decided lack of girth.   Sans verbiage.    A dearth of reflection.  Void of witty repartee. 

That said.....  

It's the middle of winter and we seem to have more runners than ever out for our weekly runs.   Beating the winter blues, no doubt.  9am ... RC... come hang with the cool kids!

The Executive met this week, and did things Executive-like.   Got there late and left early...     :-)   

Friendship Run was discussed.   The date is not nailed down as of yet, but it will likely be in the first few weeks of May.   More to come.

Here is a message from Richard. 

Since the AGM there has been some progress with the "Teen Track Training" project so here is the latest.    We now have three participants that meet on Wednesday at the Crescent Point field house at 4:00pm.    A few others have shown interest and will probably join after hockey season.    Wayne Gaudet has been assisting and joining in some of the activities.   I think with a little work we can make a runner out of him !   Others are always welcome.    So far things are going as expected.   I don't think there are many teenagers who are thinking about running at this time of year.   This is good because I think it is better to get a core group organized and then grow slowly rather than have a big group of newcomers.

So far we have not booked the track.   We have been using it like any other casual users.  Wednesday at 4:00pm seems to be a popular time with the public so for now the two outside lanes will be booked for our exclusive use.


INSURANCE.     I have been offered a position on staff at the field house to lead this training.  Due to this I will be fully covered under the facility insurance policy.   Hence no issues with insurance for BRR.    I made it clear that I am not looking to get paid so at the end of our track sessions I will be donating the money back to the field house in the name of the Big Rock Runners.    This donation will be shown on their display so the club will get some publicity.    This way we are all winners!

If there are any questions or concerns about the arrangements we should deal with them now.   Suggestions for improving things are also welcome.

Thanks Richard!

Have you planned your next race?   Police Half?

Friendship Run?

Mothers Day?

Calgary Marathon?


They are all coming up... enjoy your training. 

That's it for today.   My thumbs are tiring out...

Happy trails!


January 8, 2017

Team BRR...


As discussed at the AGM, the annual somewhat-close-to-Christmas party is happening this coming Saturday, January 14, starting at 5pm at Larry’s house.  He’s at ....  Like last year, this is a pot luck and Berry needs to know what you’re bringing.  Main course or dessert..or both!?  Please email Berry by Wednesday this week at ... or give her a call at ..., to let her know what you have in mind, just so we don’t get 8 pots of meatballs but no trays of brownies. 

And if you have not paid your membership yet please bring it along.

Ed Whitlock

Erna sent in this link to an article on Ed Whitlock, the 85 year old marathon who is destroying age group records.


We have had a steady number of runners out over the holidays, with a large group of about 20 runners yesterday in about -20C, our coldest run to date.   All were dressed like mummies, and everyone made it back to the RC for nice hot drinks, with no frostbite reported.  And many wore their brand spankin’ new Big Rock Runners Coats, which handled the cold very well (with an inordinate number of layers underneath, of course).

In Theatres

Patriots Day, the movie about the Boston Marathon bombing, is opening in wide release this weekend.  It’s getting good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.  Not a running movie, but having been at Boston I want to see it none-the-less.  But I wonder if it’s too close to home for the two members of our club who were actually running that day.  Hmmm.

And on Netflix...  check out The Barkley Marathons, a documentary about a very difficult 5 loop, 100 mile course (that actually adds up to about 120 miles), and the runners who try it.  If you like running, watching crazy runners, and like documentaries, you should check it out.   This is one quirky race.

And Finally...

Happy Trails,



November 29, 2016

Team BRR...

Reminder, the AGM is this Wednesday. 

At the AGM we will be taking orders for the running jackets and vests.  Lori has been tracking it down and has acquired samples to try on.   Here is a note from her:

New Club Clothing Order:

We are ordering jackets and vests with the new club logo.  We will be bringing samples to the AGM for sizing.  If you can't make the AGM we will have the samples at the Rec Centre Saturday morning (Dec 3) from 8:30 to 9:00 am (they WON'T be there after the run).  If you can't make those times you can go into the Running Room and try on the items on your own (the jacket is called RUN JKT (M or W) and the vest is called S16 (M or L)O02B)  All  orders must be in by Sunday evening (Dec 4) as we are sending in the order on Monday morning Dec 5.  If you can’t do either, but still want to place an order, send a note to:   with the item and size and we’ll put it in for you.  Remember, all orders are final.

Cost, including GST and logo is $70 for the vest and $80 for the jacket.  Hopefully we will get them in time for Christmas!

See you Wednesday!


November 25, 2016

Team BRR...

Yes!  The day has come.  Next week we have the AGM.  I’ve been looking forward to this all my life!  Ever since I started watching Star Trek as a young lad I’ve always wanted an Anti-Gravity Machine, and now it’s finally....

What?   Oh.  Darn.


Correction... The Annual General Meeting is next week.   It’s very important that club members attend to hear what’s going on, review the great year we had, and vote on key things affecting the club and community.  So, be there or be square.  All the cool kids are coming.

First of all, fun stuff...

Clothing:  There will be samples on hand of a running coat and vest for club members to purchase.  Each will be emblazoned with the Big Rock Runners logo.  It would be great to have some new team gear (everybody loves new gear!), and there will be various sizes on hand of each to try on.  No money will be required at the meeting, but if you do want one you will need to commit.   Coats $80, Vests $70.

Now, details...

Date:  Wednesday November 30, 2016.  

Location: Okotoks Evangelical Free Church, 28 Westland, Okotoks (Behind Cora)

Time: 6pm run, 7pm meeting.  The run is optional, of course, but if a few could bring their headlamps for the run we can explore the Okotoks pathways in the dark!

Pizza:  of course.

Agenda: attached

Proxy:  attached.  If you can’t come, please fill it out and send back.  We do need a quorum to vote on issues. Email to:

RSVP: also important – we need to know how much Pizza to order  :-)  email: if you’re coming.

Last year’s Minutes:  attached

Membership form: attached.  All members will need to fill this out to update our records, and please bring $25 for the fee for the next year.

Treasurer Position:  Tanis has agreed to stay on for this year, but will be stepping down next year.  We will need a replacement for the important position.  Please keep it in mind.

Please remember to:

  • bring $25 for renewal of membership, and the filled-in membership form
  • email Berry if you are coming
  • email the proxy if you are not


See you Wednesday.

Happy Trails...


November 4, 2016

Team BRR...

There is much to discuss.. hang in there.  I will keep my verbosatiousness (yeah.. I did that...) to as minimum as is humanly possible... for me.  :-)

“I have the conviction that excessive literary production is a social offence.” 
― George Eliot

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. 
 - Walt Disney

Okay fine...

Annual General Meeting

Date:  Wednesday November 30, 2016.  

Location: Okotoks Evangelical Free Church, 28 Westland, Okotoks.  

Time: 6pm run, 7pm meeting.  

Pizza:  of course.

Agenda: to follow soon.

All members of Big Rock Runners will be able to vote on issues, and there is important stuff to discuss.  Please remember to bring $25 for renewal of membership for the upcoming year.  It is very important to the club to keep the membership current.  

Positions:  We need a new Treasurer as Tanis will be stepping down after three glorious years.  Some accounting knowledge is certainly an asset, and the position is not onerous.  Nominations for this important club position can be sent to Berry at:

The positions of President (Chad) and Secretary (Berry) will carry over.

The Okotoks Cross-Country goes on Saturday.  If you've signed up to volunteer - don't forget!!  Deanna no doubt has a well-oiled machine waiting to go, and if you’ve volunteered she needs you!  There will be a regular run at 9am at the RC where we will be able to try out the freshly flagged course if we want, just for funzies.    Any last questions can be directed to Deanna at:

Other news:

From Richard (2 weeks ago):  I went out to Cochrane today to the High School Provincial Cross Country Championships.  Rosie was running in the junior 3K race and I am pleased to report that she won the Bronze medal.  This is the first Provincial X-C medal won by a FCHS runner in the past 20 years. The last student to win a medal was Aaron Swanson.

Congratulations again to our newest speedster Rosie.

We had two teams in Ekiden this year in Banff.  We did great, they had fun, and you can check out results at:

Wayne Gaudet sent in the following:

Got the MEC marathon done Saturday morning. I was really happy with my split 1:45/1:38 but I was a little sloppy on the last 6 or 7k. Finished 3:23:30 11th overall. They had a half, a 10k and a 5k, and only $25.00 and tons of fun.  A great local event.   Two weeks ago it was the Grizzly Ultra in Canmore.  Another really great event.  I was about 5:30 won my age group and even came in second in the group below me. Just got beat by Carl Price in that age group. He is a fantastic runner at the 50k distance.
Good luck to the Last Chance Half participants.

Thanks Wayne... and a reminder that we have at least 2 runners, Lori and Jos, in the Last Chance Half in a week and a bit.  Anyone else?

Jim Cadman and Patricia had a great race down south:

Patricia and I represented the Big Rock Runners at a fun race at one of the golf courses here. It is a series of runs put on at some of the Troon group of courses. Patricia and I both won our age group, Patricia did the 4.4km and I did the 8km. It was a tough, hot and hilly course , but we still managed to do the club proud and it was fun to run on some the most beautiful courses in Phoenix.  Cheers!  Jim.

Thanks Jim, and congrats to you and Patricia.  Attached are a couple of pics with them proudly wearing the spoils of war.  Aren't you guys looking fit!

Okay, that's all for now.  Yeah, tons of stuff. 


"Too much information will make your brain choke."
Bryan Davis

More to come soon.

Happy Trails.


October 16, 2016

Team BRR...

Please see the message below from Deanna, our new Queen of the Cross Country:

So the Okotoks XC Grand Prix is November 5 this year and it is approaching quickly!  This is a fantastic partnership between the Big Rock Runners and the Calgary Road Runners. It is a fun race and is an important fundraiser for our group.  We are still a little lean on volunteers and soup makers  -   If you can help please email Deanna at:

Thanks!   Fellow runners, this event is fast approaching and Deanna is looking for any support you can give.  There are lots of holes in the schedule above so please sign up if you can.

We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know. ...W. H. Auden

Help others and give something back. I guarantee you will discover that while public service improves the lives and the world around you, its greatest reward is the enrichment and new meaning it will bring your own life.... Arnold Schwarzenegger (the Terminator... go figure).

Happy Trails!


October 3, 2016

Team BRR...

And now, a word from our President...
Thanks to all of those that came out and took part in the President's Run on Saturday. We had a decent turnout, with a nice mix of newer members and others that have been part of the club for some time.  Teams were selected, based on times submitted, in hopes of running as close as we could to the time we guessed. 
When Wayne dropped his arm, off we went with nary a watch amongst us, even Deanna's Blackberry was confiscated so no advantage could be claimed.  Each team had one member run the loop clockwise while the other ran counter to minimize collusion and maximize confusion! 
Maybe it was the ideal conditions, maybe it's just how racers give their all when they've toed a starting line, or perhaps it was just that too many people took Mark's distance estimate seriously, but almost all of the pack ran the course faster than their guesstimated times! 
In the end, the winning team was Patricia Cadman and Chuck Holmstrom coming in as the top team, and they hoisted the cup as we all cheered and ate snacks.
A big thanks for Wayne and Sandra hosting this event, to Jean for helping with timing, and to Berry for doing all of the heavy lifting organizing this event!  Looking forward to next year's run!
Chad Ruston

Thank you El Chado.

Annual General Meeting.   Please mark your calendar for Wednesday November 30.  6pm run, 7pm meeting.  Place to be determined.  It’s important for the membership to get together once a year to plan the direction of the club, discuss events, have pizza, trash talk, etc.  Please plan on attending if you can.

Okotoks Cross-Country.  Deanna is the new race director for this year's run, which is coming up in the first week of November. The BRR host, and Deanna will be looking for volunteers, and likely soup! (for the runners - not her).  Let's support her when the call goes out.

Race Results.  I only know of one result of late, and that’s from Lori.  Yes, it’s a good thing I know about that one. Yesterday she ran the Fernie Half Marathon in a time of 1:50:50.  Woohoo!  Great run in a great race, all on trails throughout Fernie, BC.  And congrats also to Lori – a week ago her entry was accepted and she will be running the Boston Marathon next April.
Don’t forget to send me results...  We all love to hear about club member accomplishments.  It is racing season... there must be more!

And finally....
“That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run. So I ran to the end of the road. And when I got there, I thought maybe I’d run to the end of town. And when I got there, I thought maybe I’d just run across Greenbow County. And I figured, since I run this far, maybe I’d just run across the great state of Alabama. And that’s what I did. I ran clear across Alabama. For no particular reason I just kept on going. I ran clear to the ocean. And when I got there, I figured, since I’d gone this far, I might as well turn around, just keep on going. When I got to another ocean, I figured, since I’d gone this far, I might as well just turn back, keep right on going.”

There are some days... some.. when we all have a little Forrest in us.

Happy trails!


September 23, 2016

Team BRR...

The President’s Run is coming up quickly. Next Saturday, Oct 1, 9am, Wayne and Sandra’s house in the Vet Loop. If you were at the after party for the SRRR – same place.

Here’s the deal with the Run:
It’s a one loop course around the Vet Loop. The loop itself is 4 miles (yes... miles. 1mile = 1.609344km, so you can do the math). And if you can’t do the math.... that’s 6.437376km. But wait.. there is the in and out from their house. I really have no idea how far that is, but let’s guess .25mile round trip. So the course will be 4.25 miles ...sigh!... or 6.839712km.

You could probably round those numbers.  :-)

Why do I tell you this? Well, the format is a two-person team, one loop of the course each, different directions, no watches allowed, so you each have to guess what your time will be for the run. We will calculate the difference your real time is from your guess, do the same for your partner, add them up, and the team that is closest to their guesses is the winner! So, this is truly a race where speed does not matter. The kicker is, do you know your pace well enough to guess it?

Cool eh!

We make the teams based on slowest guess with fastest guess, second slowest with second fastest, etc.  Fun will be had by all!

But in order to make this all happen, we need your estimates of your time, and we need to know how many are coming. Please send your best guess to Berry at .... , she will create the teams.  And we welcome a few snacks afterwards if a few would like to volunteer. Once again - Berry needs to know!

That's it for tonight.  See you tomorrow at 9am!

Run Forrest, Run!


September 6, 2016

Team BRR...

This is a final email regarding the Sheep River Road Race.  It's this Saturday morning with 2k (kids) / 5k / 10k distances.  But, you all know this already after having read all of my emails from start to finish, right?   I suppose there are some who are living under a rock, so for all the information regarding the time and place of the race, check our website: .

As mentioned previously, there is an after party at Sandra and Wayne's house, starting at 1pm.  It is pot luck, and Berry is coordinating who is bringing what, so if you are coming and have not done so already, please contact Berry at: ***.   As in the past we will have a chipping contest (uhh... they tell me that's golf) for charity, a loonie per ball to a worthy cause.

I don't know if more volunteers are needed for the race but Berry is coordinating that as well, her digits above, if you're in the mood for helping.  And if you have not heard from Berry regarding your volunteer position please drop her a note.

Draw prizes - our President, El Chado, is handling that one.  If you can rustle up something he would be very grateful and willing to receive.  He's at *** (nice handle).

So, this Saturday, come hang with the speedsters, the slow bunch, and everyone in between.  Rain or shine it will be a lot of fun.

Happy Trails!


August 26, 2016

Team BRR...


It's been a while since my last email.. but I'm sure the heart has grown fonder and you just can't wait to read on.  And there is much to say...


What would not I give to wander

Where my old companions dwell?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Isle of Beauty, fare thee well!


....Thomas Haynes Bayly, 1797 - 1839



Sheep River Road Race

The race is fast approaching (Saturday, September 10) and volunteers and draw prizes are needed for our annual event.  You can check out the run details on our site  The route, which was well-received, is the same as last year.  And this year our big draw prize is a brand spankin' new tandem bike, donated by Classic Source for Sports.  Very cool.


If you are not running the race this year, and would like to volunteer, please contact Berry at:  Positions needed are: 

  • Course marshalls
  • Race package pick-up on Friday, Sept. 9 from 6-9 pm at Classic Source for Sports Okotoks. 
  • Race day package pick-up at JP II Collegiate from 6:30-8 am
  • Timing, for someone who would like to learn the timing system for the SRRR 2017

The following folks have already signed up to volunteer, and more are needed.  If already signed up please let Berry know if there is a specific position you would like.  First come first served!

  • Willemien Brinkhof
  • Mark Toombs
  • Lori Toombs
  • Andrea D’Silva-Siqueira
  • Lucy Urban
  • Rob Urban
  • Joan Wickwire (food)
  • Greg Wright
  • Okotoks Seniors

Draw prizes are most welcome and needed.  We have been known for having plenty.  If you have a draw prize to donate, please contact Chad at:


We will be having a BBQ at Wayne and Sandra's house (thanks!) after the race.  Pot luck!  We accept anything from roast pig (well...) to gruel.  As usual please let Berry know if you're coming and what you're bringing.  I'll say more on that next week.


This is our signature event folks, so if you're running, have a great one, and if not, please think about volunteering, donating, encouraging, herding cats, or the meaning of life.  Hmmm...



Parade of Programs

Richard Ellum will be manning a booth for the Big Rock Runners at this annual town registration event (what?.. wait a minute... it's not actually a parade?    Just as well... I'm scared of clowns), this year to be held on Wednesday August 31 in the curling rink at the RC, from 6:00pm to 8:30pm.  Richard will have a Sheep River Road Race display and will be sharing information regarding the club.  


He is looking for one or two other people that could help him at the booth promoting the club and race for some or all the evening.  If you can help please email Richard at:   Thanks Richard!



Saturday Runs

As is usual with the Big Rock Runners there are fewer people running on Saturdays at 9am (from the RC) through the summer, which in Alberta is relatively short, and people are away.  However, with September upon us the runs will fairly quickly get back to the usual 10-25 people, and we look forward to our returning running family, and welcoming new runners to join us.  (I miss you guys.... sniff!...)


That's it for today.  See you tomorrow at 9am.






July 30, 2016

Team BRR...

The Sheep River Road Race is one of the highlights of our running club year and it is coming up fast on September 10, 2016.  You can register through our website link, , or directly via .  

But, the urgency of this email is due to the t-shirt effect (no, not the butterfly effect – although that was a sort of cool movie with Ashton Kutcher as a by-accident history-changing dude who... well, never mind.  But it did score 81% audience on Rotten Tomatoes...).  Sorry, I digress.

In order to put your Stinkin’ Paws (you damn dirty ape – Charlton Heston – no?  anyone?) on a beautiful long-sleeved big rock runners sheep river road race t-shirt (boy, that’s a mouthful), you must sign up by August 1, 2016.


So... just do it. 

Other news:

OCTOBER 1 is the President’s Run, Saturday morning out in the vet loop – starting at Wayne Wiebe’s house.  Please mark it down.  More info to come.

Runs have been smaller, as per usual in the summer, but there are still people who like buddies to run with on a Saturday morning.  So, if you’re in town, join us at 9am.  I heard Kat Hasegawa was able to come by a few weeks back.  Sorry I missed you Kat, but glad you could make it for a run.

I think there’s more, but I’m in vacation mode, and I think I see the Griswolds pulling into the driveway.  Yikes!

Happy Trails!


July 1, 2016

Team BRR...

Hey running people... WE WON!!! Yes, really...

Last weekend the Sheep River Racing Team (made up entirely of Big Rock Runners) entered the K100 relay, as they have for the last 25 or more years, and WON the Masters 40+ division. Woohoo! We last won it in 2004, with some of the same runners, so it was kind of cool.

Congratulations to, in order of leg, Larry Swanson, Tom Hughes, Jim Cadman, Chad Ruston, Mark Toombs, Erna Ference, Lori Toombs, Paul Kroon, Dave Smart, and Jos Brinkhof. I have attached a picture of us holding the hardware. Loads of fun. So cool to win a trophy. Next... the Stanley Cup.

ALERT – a few volunteers still needed for the Natural High Triathlon on July 9 at Crystal Shores. If you can do so, please contact:

Andrew Gustafson

Natural High Fitness

More running results:

Millarville Half Marathon – the guys were on form...

Tom Hughes 1:36:53

Jos Brinkhof 1:42:56 (1/23 in his age group!)

Andy Lethbridge 1:48:08

Paul Kroon 1:53:44

And a shout out to Aaron Swanson, progeny of Larry, who won the whole gosh darn thing (sorry, my foul mouth) with a time of 1:14:21 (yikes!)

Millarville 8 Mile

Larry Swanson 1:01:05 and first in his age group!

Calgary Half Marathon

I neglected to mention Phillip Taylor-Smith who ran the Half Marathon last month in 1:56:13. Great work!

Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Corinne Middleton 1:50:16 and 6/525! And in the top 4% of all women. Great job Corinne – still as speedy as ever.

If there are more results please lick that stamp and send them to me. Okay, there might be a mail strike, so email is fine... :-)

Ruth needs some help, and she says...:

“My Irish sister is coming to Calgary in July.  She is just starting to do triathlons and has asked me to get any information about the best place to buy a wet suit in our great city”. Okay, so, I didn’t know Ruth was Irish, or had a sister,... or is it even a “sister”... or is this a saying or something?.. what does it all mean?... “Oh the humanity....”

Hindenburg aside, if you know a good place to get a wetsuit please drop her a note at: 

And, lastly..

President’s Run – Saturday, October 1, 2016. Mark your calendars for this fun club event Saturday morning at 9am. More info to come.

Happy Trails...


June 17, 2016

Team BRR...

Get ready for the latest and greatest, the leanest and meanest, the most colossal and immense news from the pinnacle of running in western Canada!

Or, you can continue reading this and hear stuff from our club...... 

First, a big THANKS to Richard and Kathleen for hosting, for the zillionth time, the breakfast run a couple of weeks back.  It was tremendous as always, a well-supported run by Richard with water along the way, with an excellent brekkie at the end.  Among other things they had bangers, but I didn't see any mash.  Pics are on the website,

Secondly, races.  In Saskatchewan, Chuck successfully ran the Saskatoon Marathon, Shelly finished the 5k, and Chelsea completed the half.  A family affair!

At the Calgary Marathon and races Andy led in the distance category, finishing the 50k (gulp!) (I think 4th in his age group), Larry ran the half, Maureen the full marathon, and another shout out to my niece (editor privilege) Kayla for completing her first marathon.

Next up we have Jos, Paul, Andy, and Tom running the Millarville half marathon (tomorrow!).  That is a popular and well-run race, and we look forward to their results.

Next weekend is the K100 relay and as we do each year we have a team entered (in order of leg): Larry, Tom, Jim, Chad, Mark, Erna, Lori, Paul, Dave, Jos.  For the uninitiated, this is a 100 mile relay from Longview to Nakiska.   And of course we're looking forward to a top 3 result in our category... or to at least finish standing up.

That's all I've heard about, but if you want to share results, send me a note.  Or think really, really hard and we'll do it telepathically.


Trois.  We had a great run last week around the Chuck loop.  11 of us tackled the 14km on a beautiful day, while others went down to the river (to pray?) and back.  We had not done that loop for a long time and it was great.

Cuatro.  Natural High, a consistent sponsor of our Sheep River Road Race, is hosting the annual Triathlon on July 9 at Crystal Shores.  If you would like to participate, or volunteer to help, check out their website at

Funf.  We were unsuccessful in our bid to get funding from Coop Community Spaces to help with pathway signage around town.  I am very disappointed by this as I had thought we had a good shot at it.  But, I've moved on (arrrgh!).   However, Chad reminded me that we can all have input into our town's signage future, and other town leisure issues, by filling out the recent survey that has gone to all households in Okotoks.  So we encourage you to do that. 

En tenslotte... running etiquette.  Since it is running season (well, all seasons are running seasons in my book), please remember that we are sharing the roads with the two-ton four-wheel types, and if there are altercations, we won't win.  I know what you're thinking, we have rights on the road, I grok that.   And most drivers are very cautious around runners on the roads, some not as much, and we need to be defensive runners!  Run single file, don't run red lights, and staying as far to the side as possible are a few things to keep in mind.   Yeah, I'm not your mother....  But, she does agree with me.  :-)

C'est tout!

Happy trails.


May 31, 2016

Team BRR...

A quick one today.  Two things.

First of all, a reminder of the Breakfast Run to Richard’s this weekend.  If you have forgotten, here is a re-tweet, so to speak, from my last email.  And they would like to have you contact them, if you’re coming, by this Thursday evening, so they can plan for the victuals.

The Breakfast Run to Richard and Kathleen's house is coming up on Saturday June 4.  For those not in the know, we leave the RC at 9am and run to Richard's house, 13km to the south.  If you don't know the way, just follow the guy in front of you.   And, well, if you’re the guy in the lead, hopefully you know the way.   There will be a car to drop your bag in at the RC and you can change at Richard's where he and Kathleen will be serving up a nice British Breakfast of sausages and pancakes and bangers and mash and beans and squishy peas and yorkshire pudding and shepherd's pie and peach cobbler and beef wellington and pigs in a blanket, etc.   Well, a lot of that I made up, but it's like that.  All great stuff.  

You don't have to bring anything, but are welcome to do so if you would like.  Please call The Ellum's at , or email them at  to confirm you are coming.  And if you can't run that far right now then drive out and join us for breakfast.  All are welcome.

Yeah, I know, pretty lazy just quoting my own stuff.  I’ll do better.....   (er, no I won’t)

And, number two (heh, ... he said number two...  tee hee), a big thanks to John and all the volunteers at the Friendship run last weekend.  It was a soggy day, but the wind was pushing south which was great for the run.  There are pics on the Big Rock Runners Facebook page.

I’ll have an update after the weekend, with a follow up on racing news, finishes from the BRR’s, upcoming races, etc., etc., and so on, and so forth, etc.   It’s that time of year, and there is lots going on.  And if you have any results you want to share, please forward to me.

Happy Trails!


May 16, 2016

Team BRR...

"Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today."  Classic Bill Murray movie...anyone?

Running News

Have you ever heard of the Beer Mile?  Or the Beer 2 Mile? The Female 3 Beer Mile?  Or the Lite Beer Mile?  No, well these are new to me... but apparently a runner from Victoria has a conditional new world record for the beer two mile - basically 8 laps around a track, and every lap he chugs a bottle of beer.  8 bottles of beer.  Jim Finlayson from Victoria did it 2 days ago in 11 minutes 39 seconds.  He did the Beer Mile in 5:01!  Yeah the dude is fast, and must like his beer.  I can barely handle "a" beer in 5:01, sitting in my recliner watching Seinfeld reruns.

For more lubricating records, check out

The Friendship Run is one week away....sooo, I hope you've been training.!?   Holiday Monday, May 23, 9am start at the Crescent Point Field House, running to Colossi’s Coffee House in High River.  Various people will be driving back afterwards if you need a lift, and there will be some cars heading that way after the start if you want to toss your bag in.  Attached is the flyer once again, and the website also has info.  This is a no fee club run, and you're welcome to bring friends, go part way, relay it, etc.  We don't time it, don't have a finish line tape, there are no medals, ... but it is a ton of fun, and you'll get a hearty handshake and a good pat on the back for finishing.  What more does one need?  (that was rhetorical - no emails please). 


Police Half Marathon Results.

I neglected to mention that we had 11 runners who finished the PHM a couple of weeks ago.  I BBM'd a couple of pics to prove it!  Here are the results as I can remember them:

5k - Richard finished second in his age group, and walked it in 39:53.  That's some pretty good power walking.  I wonder if he does that hip swivel thing?

Half Marathon:

Tom Hughes: 1:38:14    10/95

Chad Ruston: 1:39:39    28/109

Mark Toombs: 1:40:33  12/95

Don Lee: 1:47:49          6/45

Jos Brinkhof: 1:48:39   7/45

Paul Kroon 1:50:06       28/95

Lori Toombs  1:51:35    3/37

Larry Swanson 1:53:47  35/95

Dave Smart  2:04:14     22/45

Berry Urban  2:19:09    22/37

and a shout out to my niece, Kayla Toombs, 2:03:23

I think I got everyone, and congrats for the impressive results - it was a fun day having a large team there, and a good day for a race.  A special shout out to Lori who placed third in her age group.  ...And another special shout out "at" Tom for ALWAYS BEATING ME! 


The Breakfast Run to Richard and Kathleen's house is coming up on Saturday June 4.  For those not in the know, we leave the RC at 9am and run to Richard's house, 13km to the south.  If you don't know the way, just follow the guy in front of you.   And, well, if you’re the guy in the lead, hopefully you know the way.   There will be a car to drop your bag in at the RC and you can change at Richard's where he and Kathleen will be serving up a nice British Breakfast of sausages and pancakes and bangers and mash and beans and squishy peas and yorkshire pudding and shepherd's pie and peach cobbler and beef wellington and pigs in a blanket, etc.   Well, a lot of that I made up, but it's like that.  All great stuff.  

You don't have to bring anything, but are welcome to do so if you would like.  Please call The Ellum's at ..., or email them at.. to confirm you are coming.  And if you can't run that far right now then drive out and join us for breakfast.  All are welcome.

Jean sent me the following note and results from the Eston River Trek, held this past weekend, in... wait for it... Eston, Saskatchewan.  Ba da bum.

Wayne Gaudet placed first overall in the 14th annual Eston River Trek on May 14th. Wayne completed the 40 mile course in 5:15. Not to be outdone, Trish competed in the multi-event obstacle course later that day and placed first as well.  (go team Gaudet!).   Jean participated in the 40 mile team event. The all-women 8 person team place second with a time of 6:43.   And as my brother-in-law who lives in Eston would say "a good time was had by all"

Those are excellent results, and congratulations to Wayne, Trish, and Jean.


I think there is more, but that's all I can conjure up right now.  So, this weekend, run on Saturday as per usual, and Friendship Run on Monday.  Soyez là ou soyez démodé.

May you have swift, steady feet that carry you forth to your own perfect beat.

Happy trails!


April 29, 2016

Team BRR...

Here is a quick update on two things happening tomorrow, and two other things, and then one more... so, uhhh.... five things. 

Health and Wellness Symposium

Richard will be spearheading the Health and Wellness Symposium Big Rock Runners table tomorrow at the RC.  He has enlisted a couple of volunteers, Chuck and Ruth, to help out so far.  He has room for a couple more volunteers to help for periods of time.  If you can do so, please contact Richard today at  or 

Jail and Bail

Also tomorrow our fearless president, Chad, is participating in a Jail and Bail to benefit the Okotoks Food Bank.    He is going to be taken into custody (arrested! – how scandalous) at 9:45 tomorrow morning, and will be looking for donations to get bailed out.  And for all you Luddites out there, here is a rough summary of what Chad sent out on BBM yesterday:

“I’m getting hauled off to Jail Saturday until I can pay my debts to society through the Okotoks Food Bank.  Don’t leave your humble President hanging!  Let me know if you’ll do your part to bail my butt out of this!  I have a pledge sheet, to collect cash and cheques, and there is an online way to submit with a credit card.  Any amount over $20 will be issued a tax receipt.   Please select the 2016 Jail and Bail if you use the online form, and let me know so I can get credited those $$ to my bail!   My phone number is  if you have any questions.   They’ve set bail at $1000!!”

BRR Spring Meeting Minutes

Attached are the minutes from the meeting last Saturday.  Please read them through – there is a lot of stuff going on for the Big Rock Runners, and it’s good to be informed.  There will be decision points coming down the road for some things, mentioned in the minutes.  I have attached both pdf and word versions.

Friendship Run:

I have also attached a flyer for the upcoming Friendship Run for your information or sharing.    It is coming up in 3 weeks, on the Monday of the long weekend.  Don’t forget!

And last but not least..

I have attached two pics of old results for the BRR from previous races.  Richard dug these up.   One goes back 15 years, and one goes back to 1988.  You will recognize some names on both of these.   From 1988 I see Larry, Richard, John, Peggy Wayne...   there are some fast times on there!!

C’est ca!   A demain.


April 20, 2016

Team BRR...

Just a quick reminder to come out.

What: Annual Spring Meeting

When: Saturday April 23 (this weekend), 10am

Where: The Rec Centre, at the back in the usual coffee spot

Who:  Any interested Big Rock Runners, or those who have been running with us

Why:  Because you can.  Because you care.  Because we love you... (no, actually not creepy.... c’mon, you know... M-I-C-K-E-Y..why?  because we love you.. M-O-U-S-E.   No?  Nothing?)


We will have partitions set up so we can get away from the general hubbub (definition:   a situation in which there is much noise, confusion, excitement, and activity).

See you there!


April 10, 2016

Team BRR...

I’ve been away and have missed the last few runs - hence I will have much more to say next week.  And I know you’re looking forward to hearing more from me!


(insert double thumbs emoji up here)

(insert question mark emoji here)

(insert furrowed brow / quizzical emoji here)

(insert crying emoji here)

We will be having the previously mentioned Spring Meeting on Saturday April 23, 10am (or as soon as any laggards return from their run).  If you are not running that morning please come by for the meeting.  It will be in our usual coffee spot at the RC.  The more members the better.

Besides briefing the club on any new business, upcoming races we are involved with, potential updates from the Sheep River Road Race committee (which had a meeting this past week), and more, the executive will be unveiling a new club logo.  Yes, behind the scenes Chad and his crew have been searching and designing a fresh new look for a club logo, and it’s great.  Come check it out.


More at the meeting – discussing new club gear will be on the agenda.  If you want some input into what all the coolest Big Rock Runners will be wearing for years to come, well, come to the meeting!  Please put it on your calendar.


I heard Tom finished first in his age group in the 15k Rabbit Run and Bunny Dash.  Congrats Tom! 

I did not hear anything else – but j’étais loin d’ici.

That’s it, more next week.  See you Saturday.

Happy Trails!


March 22, 2016

Team BRR...

Lots to mention....

Racing season is upon us.  Some upcoming races of interest might include:

March 26 – Okotoks Rabbit Run and Bunny Dash – 15k/5k/kids dash

April 10 - Glencoe Icebreaker – 5k/10k

April 24 – Calgary Police Half Marathon – 21k/10k/5k

Once a month – MEC race series – various distances

May 23 – Friendship Run – Okotoks to High River – about 16k

June 18 – Millarville Run to the Farmers Market – Half Marathon 21k

June 25 – K100

August 27 – Moose Mountain Trail Races

Sept 10 – Sheep River Road Race – 2k/5k/10k – our signature event! 

And there are tons (tonnes?) (much tonnage?) more.  Two good sites to check out local races are: and

Welcome to Tanya Stefanich, a long time runner but new to running with us. She came out on Saturday for a run down to the river, and actually didn’t flee as soon as she saw our motley crew.  That’s a good sign.

The Wednesday 6pm runs have been suspended for now.  We have been finding the timeslot not quite working for most folks.  We will discuss this at the Spring Meeting (see below).  So, for now, if you want to do a weekday run use BBM or email or text (or, ... gasp!, .. phone) and see if you can set it up.  I’m usually game, and you know how to find me.   :-)

Paul has been attending meetings, on behalf of the BRR, to help get approval from the Town of Okotoks to begin some trail building for mountain biking and trail running on some of the flats on the south side of the river (near and around the train bridge).  Council has approved this initiative and building will commence shortly (or has commenced shortly ago... so to speak).  Thanks Paul, and please let us know what volunteer help you might need.

The Big Rock Runners will be having a Spring General Meeting.  We have done this from time to time, especially if there is lots on the go.  The club seems particularly active these days, hence we will be having a meeting on either of Saturday April 16 or Saturday April 23.  The meeting would be held immediately after the morning run, and might include brekkie.   Please keep this in mind and I will firm up the date pronto.

Don’t forget Sarah Kuindersma is putting on a free seminar next week on Muscle Activation Techniques.  See my email from March 8 for the details:

7:30pm Wednesday March 30th, 2016

Active Sports Therapy

Suite#220 - 9950 Macleod Trail SE

Richard will be manning a Big Rock Runners booth at the Health and Wellness Expo, April 30 at the RC.  I’m not sure if he needs help, but please keep it in mind and drop by to see him.  More to come on that.

And don’t forget the aforementioned Rabbit Run and Bunny Dash on this Saturday – register on-line.  It’s a fundraiser.  I think Tom and Paul and Tanya are signed up.  Any others?   See my email from March 13.

Emails – remember if you would like to get off of this newsletter please just reply and let me know.  (but... who would want to miss all of this!?!)

And finally... Former Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford died today.  May he rest in peace.

Happy Trails!


March 13, 2016

Team BRR...

A quick one today.

First of all... you know I like my math, so try this one:  A runner runs directly north for 15km, then runs straight east for 9km, and then finishes by running 3km directly south.  All in all a good 27km run.  How far from the starting point, as the crow flies, is the runner when finished?  (hint:  Pythagorean theorem anyone?)

Okay, enough silliness... let’s talk running.  I have three things.

Thing 1 – time sensitive!

We received a note from Sarah Gauthier, organizer of an upcoming run in Okotoks – in two weeks!  Check out her comments here:

Hi there! My name is Sarah Gauthier and I am one of the coordinators for the Okotoks Rabbit Run and Bunny Dash being hosted at Ethel Tucker Park on March 26th, 2016. We wanted to reach out to your group to let you know about this community race happening Easter weekend with all of the proceeds benefitting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. There are three races available: bunny dash (for children under 8), 5km, and 15km.  We would love to have the Big Rock Runners come out and join us for this race!  Feel free to check us out on the Running Room Website or on Facebook!  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at email  Hope to see you guys there!

Check out the Running Room link for the run:  Go to races, AB, and there it is!

I just found out about this race, and it sounds like an excellent community event and fundraising effort.  I know both Sarah and Joan Gauthier, they are both runners and great community-minded people, and no doubt will put on a fun run.  I know it’s short notice, but it would be an excellent event to support.   Grab your friends!

Thing 2

The Big Rock Runners will have a table at the 2016 Okotoks Fitness & Wellness Symposium.  Richard is leading the charge on this, and more info will be coming.  The fair will be held on April 30, 2016 at the Rec Centre.  Put it on your calendar, and check out more information here:

It looks like a cool event for those healthy types, and for those who want to become healthier!  Sounds good, but I still don’t like kale.

Thing 3

The Friendship Run is approaching in 2 months.  It will be held on Monday May 23, 2016, (Victoria Day Monday) and will run from the Crescent Point Regional Field House (yes, that’s the new one by Aldersyde), and will head down the back roads all the way to High River, with ending point as yet to be determined.  Marshaled, no traffic, and a BBQ (or something like that) at the end, this is a perfect club run.  It’s about 16km or slightly less, depending on where we end, and hosted by the BRR, for the 14th year!  John is leading the charge once again, so thanks to him for that.  He will be asking for volunteers to marshal the course, but that will come in a bit.

Please mark down the holiday Monday for this run.  And remember to bring friends, and anyone who would like to participate.  This is open for everyone.  You can find more info at

That’s it!    Happy Trails.

…Mark  (oh, and the answer is 15km)

March 8, 2016

Team BRR…

The last two weeks have been Glorious!  Glor E Us!!  Perfect running, perfect weather. 

Group Run

This past Saturday we had 22 runners (!!!) and 4 or 5 more for coffee.  What a great day.  Lots of fun.

There were 2 stroller-derby-ers, and one of them wasn’t Chad!  Jessica brought along friend Mike, each with stroller daughters in tow, for a nice 9k run along the trails.  As usual a few groups formed, but we all met back for a beverage at the RC.  Paul, Lori and I met early, ran 6k, met with the group and did another 9k for a total of .…wait a sec… that plus that, … carry the one… 15k!  There is obviously some training for the Police Half and many other races ramping up.  If you want to get in on that some week, you know where to find me….

And speaking of the Police Half, the deadlines for entry have been extended.   Check here:   The half marathon now closes this Friday, March 11, high noon.  The 5k and 10k close March 25.  We do have a number of BRRs going, so if you want to join in the fun… well, JUST DO IT.  … I imagine that requires a ©


Also, the Police Half is looking for volunteers.  Jean and Ruth are signed up, and others are contemplating.  Here is the link if you're interested:

Seminar Alert

Sarah Kuindersma is very much involved in health, fitness, body-movement, and preventing injury.  She is a former competitive athlete, and we are lucky enough to have her running with us regularly (although keeping up with her is a good challenge).  She recently completed her Masters in Muscle Activation Techniques, and is currently practicing at Active Sports Therapy off Macleod Trail in the south end of Calgary.  Here is a note about her upcoming free session:

Muscle Activation Techniques

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like your body is restricting you from all the activities you love doing.  When your body is stiff, tight and sore, it’s your body’s way of telling you there is something not right. When we ignore these warning signs and push through them our body is set up for potential injuries.  Muscle Activation Technique is designed to facilitate and restore proper muscle activation and contraction in order to prevent injuries and to enhance sport performance.

MAT looks at muscle tightness as a form of protection in the body. Weak or inhibited muscles can create the need for other muscles to tighten up in order to help stabilize the joints. MAT gets to the root of pain or injury by addressing muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness. This helps restore normal body alignment, thereby decreasing pain and reducing the risk of injury through a global approach to the body, along with elevating sport performance and longevity of sports/hobbies.

So if you are looking to improve your running, decrease your risk of injury and wanting to run for life, having regular MAT tune ups in your training regime is the way to go.  Join Sarah for the FREE talk on March 30th to learn more about MAT.

7:30pm Wednesday March 30th, 2016

Active Sports Therapy

Suite#220 - 9950 Macleod Trail SE

What else….

I know Erik is planning on a heavy race schedule this year:   Blackfoot 100k,  Sinister 7 100 miles,  and Lost Souls 100k.  Although an upcoming scope on his knee (?) could get in the way.  But hopefully not, and good luck.

Race results

The only race results I heard of were Don Lee, Deanna, and Susan Sosick, running in the fish creek 8K cross country on Saturday.  Deanna is getting the lay of the land as the new race director for the Okotoks race in the fall, Susan is loving cross country these days… and Don’s a machine!  (and as usual, won his age group, ho hum…)  :-)  And Richard was there volunteering, which Deanna will need plenty of in the fall.  Congrats to all of them.

That’s it.  See you on Wednesday or Saturday, and happy trails!


February 21, 2016

Team BRR...


It's been a few weeks since my last email... did you miss me?   Hmmm... not sure.   Anyway, here are some happenings:


The Saturday runs have been progressing as per usual.  In the last three weeks we have had:

  1. A severely windy day when many of us decided, for some unknown reason, to hit the vet loop where there is virtually no cover.  Yeah, not saying we're the brightest bunch.  We even had Katie the dog, and Shyla doing her usual stroller derby, sheltered from the wind.  But, as Evil Knievel once said, "I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair."  Well, I guess...
  2. An incredibly icy day - very tough run.
  3. A fantastically (yes, that is a word, apparently) perfect running day - yesterday.  -2C and sunny.  

In between all of this we have been having a February for the records.  It feels like May.  If you're not out running - go out now!  It's perfect.


Wednesday runs have also been going for 2 months now.  We have been getting anywhere from 2 – 6 runners on a Wednesday.  We are trying this out and we’ll see how it goes long term, but so far so good.  It’s nice motivation to have another run during the week with other people.   6pm at the Rec Centre doors if you want to try it some night.



RunHers event on Wednesday this week.  You might have seen it in the Wheel, and I mentioned it previously.  Rachel and the RunHers are hosting Dave Proctor at the Field House this Wednesday at 7:30pm.  Dave will be speaking on his recent long long long distance accomplishments.  It's a free event.  If the weather is bad you can join in for a few laps around the track prior to the talk.   Here is the link to the article in the Wheel:



Jos and Chuck are starting their training for a couple of marathons this spring.  I think Chuck is doing the Saskatoon marathon on May 29, and Jos is targeting the Calgary Marathon, also on May 29.  They both did a longer run on Saturday and joined us for coffee afterwards.  Good luck guys.  And no doubt other training is starting up - let me know!



The Police Half (and 10k and 5k) is coming - April 24.  We have a number of us from the club already signed up and on-line registration closes in 14 days.  There is a half and 5k and new this year a 10k, so lots of options.  It's about half full at the moment.  Join us and we can make it a club event.



The Big Rock Runners have submitted a funding proposal to Coop Community Spaces, to apply for a grant to help build out pathway signage on the trails around town.  These would have maps, distances, etc.  This is an initiative that the BRR have targeted with manpower and funding, and along with substantial financial and manpower support from the Town of Okotoks we are hopeful that we will be successful.  If we are it would be a great addition for all the Shire folk.  I'll let you know more when we know more.  Cross your fingers.



Bill Wylie passed away this past week.  Bill was a long time runner in the Calgary area, and along with many lifetime running accomplishments was instrumental in bringing the first Calgary Marathon to town in 1963.  Bill measured the course in his car!  I went on a few runs from the downtown YMCA with Bill years ago.  A very nice man and he will be missed in the local running community.  Obit here:



Friendship Run (16km - ish - from High River Fieldhouse to Okotoks Fieldhouse) Usually the second weekend in May, mother's day weekend, so keep a tentative hold for now.   We're still in the planning stages, so more to come. 


That's it.  Happy trails!





January 22, 2016

Team BRR....

Recent happenings:

Larry’s Party!  What a great time we had last Saturday.  People were there.  Beverages were swigged.  Food was scarfed.  Discussions were had.

It was hip.

It was happening... man.

If you were unable to make it... bummmm  er, ‘cause...

...All the cool kids were there.

Thanks for your hospitality Larry.  Great time as always.

Don Lee was there.  Don has been a long time runner with Big Rock Runners, and leads a double life.  But no cape!  (too much drag anyway).  Don has been elected as the new President of the Calgary Road Runners.  Don is the new Don!  (Tee hee).  Congratulations, and we’ll look forward to free entries at all the Calgary Road Runners races.   :-)


K100.  This is one of the races that El Presidente (Sean Penn calls him El Chado) has targeted as a BRR Team event.  Good idea.  We are looking at having two teams in the race this year.  A Masters team with the usual suspects (likely full), and an open team as well.  We anticipate there will be enough interest to do so.  It’s on June 25 this year.  If you are interested in potentially being on the team please let someone know!  Email me, or Chad or Berry, or mention it on a run sometime.  It would be fantastic to have 20 of us at the start line in Longview that morning... maybe in new gear!  (El Chado is working on that as well).

Calgary Police Half Marathon – April 24

Another race targeted by our Grand Pooba.  Good choice.  This year there are three races: the half marathon (uh...  21.1k, in case you were unsure), there is a new 10k this year, and a 5k run/walk.  Something for everyone!  Registration is open with, as of today, about 300 already registered across the races.    Check it out on-line.  We do have some of our team that consistently run this every year.

Congratulations to Wayne Gaudet for completing a recent 72 hour race in Arizona.  You probably read about it in the Wheel, but for 72 hours he ran a one mile loop, and counted off the miles.  Diiizzzzy!  But he said he took solace in the fact that he was allowed to go the other way every 4 hours.  Oh, good.  That makes it so much more reasonable.....  Incredible, good stuff Wayne.


RunHers invitation:  Please mark down Feb 24 in your calendar for an event put on by the RunHers at the Field House.  They will be doing a run inside around the track, and then will collect afterwards for a talk by Dave Proctor on some of his recent adventures in trail running.  Dave is fast becoming quite the legend in these parts (That’s my cowboy talk - “these parts”).  Anyway, Rachel will get more info to us as she firms things up.

Facebook.  We have a new, interactive, get into the 21st century facebook page.  “Big Rock Runners – Let’s Run” is the name of the page, and allows anyone to post pictures, add comments, etc.  Anyone who registers to be part of the group, that is.  We don’t want any ne’er-do-wells or good-for-nothing sluggards, of course.  :-)

Blackberry Messenger (BBM).  A gaggle of us (no’s a Murder) have started trying BBM as a way of communicating about runs (we had been thinking about it for the Wednesday or weekday runs –to see who’s available).  We have about 14 that have downloaded the app (free) and joined the closed Big Rock Runners group.  It works well on iPhone and Android.  Blackberry not needed.  If you’re interested in joining the Big Rock Runners group let me know.

I think that’s all.  And as we look ahead to the weather and winter running still, remember that it’s always changing and there are good times and rough times.  As said by Patrick Young, “the trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore and wrong too often for us to rely on it.”  So, don’t worry about it...  just run!

Happy Trails.


January 12, 2016

Team BRR..

Happy New Year!  

It’s winter.  And yes, it’s sometimes tough running in winter.  But there are winter running things happening.  And when you look out at the snow falling, the ice on the inside of the windows, and the trees looking bereft of life, please remember what Russian author Anton Chekhov once said:

Let us learn to appreciate there will be times when the trees will be bare, and look forward to the time when we may pick the fruit.

So true.  It’s easy to hide inside when it’s cold out, but if you wear the right stuff, have a positive attitude and get out with other runners, you won’t regret it. 

(hmmm.. I think I’m getting mushy... and I don’t mean my waistline... although.....).

Club happenings:

Larry’s Christmas-ish party: 

Here is a recap from the email that Berry sent out last week:

Dear BRR-ers and partners,

Saturday January 16th 5 pm we are invited to Larry's house to celebrate the start of a new running year!   Please let me know what type of 'pot' you will bring, because we don't want to challenge the 'Luck' that everyone is bringing dessert.  Just return this email with your choice before Tuesday January 12th. Chuck I know you will bring Pea-Ham soup, no need to reply anymore for you!   For the ones who are hesitating because they haven't paid their membership yet, no worries just bring it on Saturday January 16th!

Looking forward to see you all and don't forget BYOB!

Kind regards,
Berry Urban

Larry is a great host, and we hope to see as many there as possible.  It’s always a great social evening.  And if you’re new to the club all the more chance to get to know some of the others in a non-out-of-breath activity.

Breakfast Run:

Jos volunteered to organize a breakfast run.  We used to do this one Saturday per month, and got away from it.  Here is a message from him:

As discussed during the last AGM, we want to re-introduce the monthly breakfast run. There seemed to be enough interest and I am organizing the first one.  We will run on Saturday morning from 09:00 to 10:00AM and after that go to a local restaurant and have breakfast together at 10:30AM.   This will give you a nice opportunity to talk to your fellow runner in a different setting. You do not always have to talk about running either.


The first breakfast run is scheduled for Saturday January 30 and I need to know how many runners are interested.  If you want to join us, please send me an email before January 22 so I can make arrangements.     Send your email to:


Thanks very much and see you there,



Recent Runs:

We have had three Wednesday runs now.  Interest has been slow-ish to start, but we persevere, and there have been a dedicated few.  Which, really, in itself is all you need.   For those who want a quick hit, no dawdling, it’s all run, no coffee.  We’re all busy on weekdays.  The next run goes tomorrow, Wednesday (d’oh!), from the Rec Centre at 6pm.  I hope to be there along with many others.  It’s actually quite fun running in the dark around town, dodging deer as you go – all 66 of them!

On our last Saturday run it was -20C or much worse, very still, beautiful in the river valley, there were 7 or 8 Big Rock Runners , and Martin Parnell!  Yes, he of the 250 marathons in one year fame.  He came to run with us via an invite by <insert name here>.  (yeah, I can’t remember how he got here, but he stayed and enjoyed coffee with the group afterwards).  Very nice!  Thanks for coming.

That’s it for tonight.  I hope to see lots of you at Larry’s on Saturday.  And if you have not responded to Berry, and you are coming, please scroll up this email and re-read her blurb (what a word – blurb!), and let her know what you’re bringing.

And remember:

"Whether the weather is fine, or whether the weather is not; whether the weather is cold, or whether the weather is hot; we'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!"


Happy Trails!


December 21, 2015

Team BRR...    A poem.

Twas the run before Christmas

And at the Rec Centre door

The Big Rock Runners had gathered

To run some more

The crew was all chatty

Dressed festive and fun

The clock struck  9:10!

It was time for a run

They started out easy

“Which way should we go?”

“Let’s turn right” someone shouted

Yeah,… always….  I know….

Chad was there

All presidential with heart

Pushing Shyla along mightily

As she overflowed the cart

(She’s 4 now, not 2

So much heavier still

So there’s now a slim chance

We’ll beat him up the hill)

Jean’s red hat was all Christmas

And Ruth’s green was the same

Their tassels bobbed back and forth

As they went down the lane

Berry ran along with them

Always in fine form

It was a nice Christmas gift

To have them there, that morn

The rest of the mob

They set out as on a tether

They ran tight as a group

Cutting through the wind together

On Jos, on Lori

On Jim and Eric

On Jessica, on Sandra

On Rob and Mark

They ran with abandon

They jostled with fun

They goofed and they ribbed

Oh what a run

They talked about races

They talked about shoes

About qualifying times and watches

And all the running news

They talked about the woman

88 years old – what a hoot!

Who just ran a marathon

And set a record to boot

(Maybe we’ll get there

Maybe we won’t

But it will be fun trying

To keep our running afloat)

Family and friends

Is always what will last

And this is who was there

On this run - what a blast!

Back at the RC

Glen and Larry showed up

For a mocha and tea

And some catching up

Many couldn’t be there

But that was okay

We’ll catch them next time

On our next running day

So we finished our coffees

After having lots of fun

And said our Merry Christmas to all

See you on the next run!


A couple of other things…

Wednesday run – a few of us are thinking of trying this again.  It may or may not work for you.  Wednesday, 6pm (yes, pm) at the Rec Centre. Be there or be square.  J

Attached is a pic of our group with Santa from a week ago.  Thanks to everyone for chipping in, and to one of our orange-coated members, we’ll call him Mr. Kroon, for setting it all up and coming up with a large donation to get it moving.  All the donations went to the Sheep River Health Trust.  Worthy cause.  There are other views and more pics on the website.

Next Saturday the RC is apparently closed - Boxing Day.  However, no doubt there will be some hardy souls who might want to run.  I imagine we can just meet out front and head from there, so be prepared if it’s a chilly or windy morning.

Above is a pic Chad took, while running, and pushing the cart, and talking.  He was probably tying his shoes and chewing gum too. 

I know, tiny pic… I’m working on that.

That’s it!

Happy Trails.


December 11, 2015

Team BRR...

We have a Christmas team picture set up for tomorrow!  Keep reading below.

A short one today...  Much busy-ness happening...  It’s a “Busy Busy World” (Richard Scarry 1966 – remember that one?).   And of course – the Magician from Frosty – “Busy, busy, busy”.  (and, on a Frosty the Snowman side note, do you remember the name of Professor Hinkle’s rabbit?)   See below.


Last week we had the Big Rock Runners AGM.  I have attached the minutes so I won’t review them in detail.  Please read them through.  Here are a couple of highlights:

Thanks to Steven and Wayne for their services as President and Secretary over the last year.  And to Tanis for her work as Treasurer, for which she was happy to continue.  So, we have elected a new leadership team effective immediately, and congratulations to:

Chad Ruston – President

Berry Urban – Secretary

Tanis Young – Treasurer

Also, the other position up for grabs was the Race Director for the Okotoks Cross-Country.  Thanks to Shelly for her many years of service leading this race.  We elected a new Director, so congratulations and thank you to:

Deanna Van Muyen – Race Director, Okotoks Cross-Country.

Chuck Holmstrom is keen on continuing on as Race Director for the Sheep River Road Race, which he has led for many years.  Thanks Chuck!

John MacKillop indicated, via Albert, that he will continue leading the Friendship Run.  Thanks John.

More runners are leading other initiatives, so please review the minutes.

Christmas Party

Our annual party will be held at Larry’s house on Saturday, January 16.  Please mark it down, and more info to come.

Other News:

Picture with Santa!  Tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 12, we will be having our picture taken with Santa.  See the email below from Paul:

As a follow up to  last week's discussion after our run,  I booked a spot with the Sheep River Health Trust to have a group photo with Santa this Saturday at 10:12 after our run.  This should allow enough time for people to cool down and prepare to look their best in their festive running gear. Last year there was a little bit of delay in timing, due to the heavy demand for photos, so hope there's some flexibility in people’s schedules.   Let’s get a great turnout!


If everyone could bring a $5 donation (or more!) we can cover the $50 donation (to the Sheep River Health Trust) for the picture.   Bring your tackiest reindeer sweater if you want, or just your running gear, stinky, tacky, or otherwise – all are accepted.  Nose plugs provided.

That’s all for now.  See you all for the run and picture tomorrow!

And watch out on your next run - the sidewalks are very slippery right now.

(oh, it’s Hocus Pocus)


November 30, 2015

Team BRR...


What a difference a week makes!  (okay, maybe I laid on the guilt trip a little thick last week...).    We had 15 runners out on Saturday for a great run.  As per usual, a few different groups splintered in different directions – and, so I heard, all had great runs. 


Except when Jos and Wayne tried to kill Andy at a red light.  At Northridge and Elizabeth we were all waiting dutifully for the light to turn green (although someone, ...ahem... , forgot to push the button).  Wayne and Jos obviously decided they had had enough, and ran across right when the light turned red.  Andy followed and almost got mowed down!  Okay, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but I’m sure I saw Wayne and Jos looking back, ... and I’m pretty sure they were looking rather sheepish.   :-)


Andy is still alive.


AGM.  This Wednesday, Dec. 2.  Run at 6pm if you’re so inclined.  Meeting starts at 7pm in the community room at the Rec Centre.  Apparently we are not having Pizza – but sandwiches and wraps and cookies of some sort.  Good choice!  Hope you can make it.  And for the run it was suggested you bring bells for your shoes, or your Santa hat, or something like that – just to make it a bit more festive.


Running news – one race I forgot was the Last Chance Half.  Corinne, Jos, and Don Lee all participated in it, with resounding success!  Here is an account by Jos...


When talking to Don before the race I asked him what his goal was. He said he wanted to achieve 3 things:

1. Run the Half Marathon within 1:50 minutes

2. Beat me

3. I do not remember, because after he said that he wanted to beat me, I did not listen anymore. I was completely focused on  the coming race. 


Corinne finished in 1:47:18. Her complete info is as follows:
Overall 105 out of 390

Women 28 out of 210

Age category 6 out of 64


Don finished in 1:43:59. His complete info is as follows:
Overall 90 out of 390

Man 67 out of 180

Age category 4 out of 13


Myself, I finished in 1:43:24. My complete info is as follows:
Overall 105 out of 390

Man 62 out of 180

Age category 3 out of 13


So sorry Don, but you did not achieve one of your goals. You must have been tired from the Marathon in Washington DC. (ed. Note... apparently Don also ran the Marine Corps Marathon, along with Susan and Erna, of which I was unaware.  I looked him up, and he placed 27th out of 428 (double exclamation point).   Congrats Don.  Nice going).


This Sunday was a great day for running. When we started at 10:00AM the sun was there and with us for the whole race.  The temperature was good, it even was getting almost too warm or we were over dressed.

We all enjoyed running this race very much. I do not know why not more of us Big Rock Runners are running this one at the end of the Summer season.  A missed opportunity for those of you that did not run, this is one of the best ways to spend a Sunday morning.  As usual the organisation did a great job. Cheryl Lowery is also the Race director of this one, so quality guaranteed.


Well, this is about it, now we go into hibernation till the Police Half Marathon 2016.


Thanks Jos... and Don, condolences for Jos leaning you out at the line.   And great finishes by all three.  Those age group awards are under threat.

That's it... happy trails!


November 27, 2015

Team BRR...

The AGM is coming up this Wednesday, December 2, in the Community Room at the Recreation Centre.  (Center?... nope, just checked... Centre.  You see it’s a quirky English language thingee... ah, well, you can Google it).

The meeting starts sharply at 7:00pm.

The Run Time start: 6:00pm for those who want to run first (me!) - We’ll do an easy headlight run for 30 or 40 minutes.  (so, if you didn’t quite get that, if you have one, bring your headlamp.  Not sure we’ll need them, depending on where we go.  If you don’t have one, well, uhhhh, don’t lead).

If you don’t intend on running that night, please come on by before 7pm.  I think we’re having pizza and pop and water and ?? for those so inclined. 

A couple of reminders:

If you have a nomination for a position – Secretary, Treasurer or President – please forward an email to Wayne G.  All his details and the proxy and agenda are in my last email.  That said, Chad has already been nominated for President, and Berry has been nominated for Secretary.  Tanis is happy to remain as Treasurer. 

A reminder that Shelly is stepping down as Race Director for the cross country, so please think about it if you’re interested in that position.

The AGM is the one time in the year when we can all get together to make decisions about our club, review the year, come up with new initiatives, and so on.  If you can make it, please do so.  The more voices the better.

Please don’t forget your $25 membership fee for next year.  It’s the perfect time to get that done, and I’m sure Tanis would be happy to take your money. 

And if you have not done so yet, please let me know if you are coming.

Other stuff:

The run last Saturday was great... but there were only 7 of us.  Seven.  Sept.  Zeven.  Sieben.  Siete.  ceMb.  Sju.  The Magnificent Seven (88% on Rotten Tomatoes).  The Seven Samurai (97%).   Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (87%).  Star Wars VII (1000%).... okay, yeah, not relevant, just excited about that one.   But you get the picture.  A little ice and snow, and look what happens.  Well, let’s see what we can do tomorrow, which is the next scheduled run -15 hours and 55 minutes from now!

Foothills Philharmonic Chorus Winter Concert – a note from Chad:

Good day all,

I wanted to send you a note to let you know of a choral performance of a group that I have been singing with, upcoming on December 5th, in Okotoks. Tickets are available online at the website linked below, or if you would prefer, through me directly.   

Hope to see you there, I think you will enjoy the show!

Foothills Philharmonic Chorus

Chad Ruston

I think Richard and Kathleen also sing with this group, so a BRR affair!

That’s it for today!

Happy Trails.


November 12, 2015

Team BRR...


Only a couple of !!!! REALLY IMPORTANT !!!! things today.  So read vewy vewy carefuwy.  (I smell a wabbit!)



The AGM is now scheduled for Wednesday December 2.  Exact time and place to be determined, but likely a 6:00pm or 6:15pm-ish or so run, with meeting to follow, probably at 7pm.  Those times could change a bit, and will be confirmed.  The date is firm so please mark it down.  An agenda will be sent out next week.  If you have any “other business” items, please send to me and I will forward along.  We will be electing a new President and Secretary.  We do have a person interested in each position.  More to come on that.



Cross Country summary.  Here’s a note from Shelly:

We had another successful X-country race on Nov. 7th with 104 runners registering for the race.  What many thought was an unassuming little course turned out to be a surprise, and we had lots of 8k runners drop to the 4k vowing not one more loop.  We had the weather on our side as the mercury rose to a balmy +10, very nice for the runners and super awesome for the volunteers.

Speaking of volunteers…. Such an amazing group the Big Rock Runners. I can’t adequately thank the group, and I don’t know how to let you know the pride I feel for our club. You’re so much more than a running group as once again evidenced with the help I got this year. 

The soup was excellent, there was virtually none left when Susan and I got there! Thanks Wayne for being a Chuck substitute and helping me through my little Friday meltdown.  To Susan and Erna who handled getting slammed with grace.  Whilamine (whose named I’ve spelled 3 different ways?) (ed. note - Willemien) looked after everything food, and Berry who was assistant race director.  To all of the rest of you, your contributions were no less and I could go on and on and on, but nobody wants that.   

(yes we do!... we want more Shelly!    Shel-ly!  Shel-ly!  Shel-ly!)

The last thing is my resignation, but really it’s such a team effort that Race Director is a job of coordination and not much more.

Oh, and the Rec Centre has a ladle at reception that they thinks belongs to one of us.  If you're missing a ladle... they have it!


Thanks Shelly.  And it looks like we'll be looking for a new Race Director for next year... but I guess more to come on that later. Thanks Shelly for all your work on this for years now.  It's always well-received, well-organized, and a great race.  You've done us proud.



Lori ran the Santa Clarita (California) Marathon on Sunday, and I ran the Santa Clarita Half Marathon.  Congratulations to Lori as she finished a strong 1st place (yowza!!) in her age group.  She has been running really well of late and it showed.   And I finished 3rd place in my age group over the Half.  So we both came away with hardware.  Attached is the pic to prove it.

The Last Chance Half is going this weekend, and I know that Corinne and Jos are in it.  And a few others that I can't remember... hmmm, my synapses are not firing very well right now.... I need more potassium...

That's all for today.   And it's the day after Remembrance Day, but if you were busy, and didn't get to it, please remember those who gave so we could live.

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below

See you Saturday.


November 4, 2015

Team BRR...


Math quiz:  apparently most people (93%) fail this.  See if you’re in the 7%.  No peeking.

7 + 7 / 7 + 7 x 7 – 7 = ?

Answer at the bottom.

Weekly Run – yes, we did.

See runners.  See runners run.  Run runners, run.


BRR Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held on Friday November 13 (dum, da dum dum).  Exact time and place are yet to be determined, but I would imagine we will start with a run at 6-ish, with meeting to follow.  I’ll let you know more when I hear more, but please hold that date.


Cross Country Race

The Okotoks Cross Country race is this Saturday, Nov 7.  Shelly seems to have lined up all the soup and volunteers, but contact her at:  

if you have a hankering for helping.


(Hey, wait a sec.... that sounds like a country song:


“I coach kid’s teams, and drive them about,

I walk the neighbour’s dog, and take all his trash out,

I’m an ambassador of goodwill, and do what I can,

I've got a Hankering for Helping, it’s part of my life’s plan.”  


Hmmm.  Perhaps Garth Brooks could sing that?)

Wayne G x 2

Okay, as promised, Wayne G wanted to share a (tall) tale from a recent race, pic included.


Here is a picture of me and Andy (the younger) Cuthbertson gutting it out at The Grizzly Ultra in Canmore this past weekend. As you can no doubt tell these are two athletes in the prime of their careers. A splendid couple of specimens. Andy had led until the end of leg 3. But came up with some sort of fell down and got a booboo story. Seizing the opportunity I took off like a scalded chicken on leg 4. Pushing with all my might to the summit of leg 4 ready to burn down to the transition to leg 5. But what was this? Somehow “The Younger” had held my blistering pace!

What a performance it was going to take on leg five! I popped a nourishing snack while Cuthbertson destroyed a sugar laden jolt of coke. Off we went again at an astounding pace we passed runner after runner. None of the rest of the 50 year old pack had a chance. We hunted the dirty old men like the dogs they were. They were astounded by our blistering speed and mostly fell to their knees in awe when we flew by. Nearing the finish line Gaudet and Cuthbertson pushed even harder, lungs burning, legs crying, arms flying, hearts pounding they pushed each other closer and closer to the finish line. Pushing harder than either had ever pushed they heaved their mighty chests toward the finish line. Both collapsing in agony. The amazed crowd was hushed as no one could tell with all of the dust caused by the two whirlwinds who had won the day. The timers all agreed 5:46:47 for both of these fantastic fellows. Off to Toronto to study the replay tape. It could only be a first ever historic tie in this epic battle of these two titans. But it turned out one of the judges (Ron McLean) was from Red Deer and awarded first place over 50 to Cuthbertson while I was relegated to a humiliating defeat. Can you believe the injustice! But what a day it was for sport in Canmore people weeping as they gazed at our battered bodies.

Also kudos to our friends Anna Duda (3rd in age her age group) just a few minutes behind us and to Melody Switzer whose team was also in a tie for best dressed at the race. Also thank you Jeff Stokoe for the action shot. Hard to believe at the speed it wouldn’t be more blurry. Fantastic what these new cameras can do.

Also, Wayne had a hole in one a couple of weeks back at Elbow Springs golf course.  Kudos! ... but, really, in this day and age, without the video evidence... not sure we can believe it.....


Marine Corps Marathon recap – attached.

As I mentioned last week, Susan and Erna recently ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington.  Congrats again!  I hear they both had a great time in the capital, and the race does seem like a very special event.  Attached is a race and trip recap that Susan put together.  When you have a moment please take a read – she has put together a great summary of the race and her experience.

Member goodbye

We received a message from Louise Rawlinson, who ran with us several times this past year.  She is from South Africa and is heading back there for the winter.  Good luck Louise, and we’ll look forward to your return.

Hi Berry, I'd just like to thank you and the running club for the beautiful out runs. I know I only made a handful of them, but I really enjoyed them. Please say goodbye to everyone for me and I hope to see all of you next year around May. Have a wonderful Christmas and new year, Louise


Lori is running the Santa Clarita Marathon this Sunday.  California!  Yowza!

Last Chance Half is coming up on November 15.  I think a few members are running, and I look forward to hearing how it went.

That’s it.

Oh, and the answer is 50. 


Happy Trails!


October 25, 2015

Team BRR...

Well, it's been a few weeks since you last heard from me, and much has transpired.  I have a lot to report, so hang in there as we blast off!

Meet George Jetson,

His boy Elroy,

Daughter Judy,

Jane his wife.

That's it!  Those are all the lyrics to the Jetson's theme opening.  11 words!  And did you ever notice that Jane just went shopping all day.  I mean, verrrry 60's sexist......

Sorry, detour.  

Today we had a great run.  Sandra and Lori led us on a fresh and circuitous route over to the new pond in lower Air Ranch, across some dirt to the dog park path, down the hill to the river, and then along and back up by the new path to the Rec Centre.   There were worried looks at first, but nice to go somewhere new.

Running and club member news.

I have two notes from Wayne Gaudet.  The first:

I should have let you know I was in Lacombe last weekend honouring my good friend and inspiration Bill Nielson. They have a memorial run every year. This year it was a kids 2k a 5k a 10k and a Bills special 10 miler. Ten milers are had to find so it seemed a logical choice. Cool but great conditions to run in. Mostly around lakes and trails Bill had instigated over the years. Managed a 7th overall and second in the plus 50s. Got beat by the youngster Andy (speedy legs) Cuthbertson. We are duking it out again in Canmore this weekend I will let you know how it goes. I did beat speedy legs here last year but I think he rode about 500k on his bike the day before so I'm pretty sure he is going to be hunting me down. I hope he doesn't bag me this hunting season.  

Ps the youngster is two months younger than me. It hardly seems fair that he has all that youth on his side!


And the second is a tall tale about... well, I'll pace myself.  You'll see that next week.

We have had a few friends join us on runs lately that we have not seen as much, due probably to one of the 7 deadly running sins:  injury, busy-bee, lethargy, sleepy, food frenzy, family, or Doc.    (get it?)


Jean was there a few weeks back, her bum MCL on the mend.  She's back running 3 or 4k I think.  Great stuff.  Heal baby, heal!

Ruth was also there.  Not sure why we have not seen her of late, but, you know, maybe curling, renovating, volunteering, Bruce-ing.       :-)

Susan S. came by - she's running well.  And I should mention that she is running the Marine Corps Marathon today! (Oct. 25) in Washington D.C.  Erna is also running the same race.  So best wishes to both of them.  I'll fill you in how they did, next time around.

Kat was there one day.  We do see her once in a while, but always nice when she can make it. She is always seemingly running well.  I remember about 5 years ago when we bumped into her at a 5 Peaks race in Sundre.  I’ve got a good pic of it.  Nice to see friends at races.

Jim is MIA now for a month or two - in Arizona for a while.  I think Dave is down there too for a few weeks.  And they don't even golf...hmmm.  Maybe they're collecting sand.

We had a new runner join us last week - Andy came with us on a run to the Goose Poop Loop (new name - coined by Chad).  Welcome Andy.

Wayne and Sandra dropped by last week, after coming home from their trip to Europe with Jos and Willemien.  They'll be in town for, oh, about a minute and a half, and then off to Costa Rica!  World travellers they are.

And we saw Barb - today!

Probably more.....


Lori and I ran the Fernie Half Marathon a couple of weeks back.  We were both defending our age group championships from last year but, alas, we both came in second this year.  Hence, no swag!  I was beat by a guy probably 10 years my senior, who looked like he trained at the Gary Glover school of running.  What the H E double hockey sticks!   Maybe he'll be on vacation next year.

Dave was there in the 10k.  He did well also.  We all had fun.  And there were beers and schnitzels at the end.    Beers and Schnitzels!!!!  Gotta love Fernie.

News from Chad about the Ekiden that went last weekend in Banff.  His team did very well:

Our team managed 3rd place in Corporate, with a 2:41:06 time which we are pretty happy with.   The first place team the Bonavista bullets appear to have loaded up as they managed a 2:33:12.  Team Repsol Rapidos, (formerly the Talisman Tailwinds) had the likes of Frank Woolstencroft, to gain just over 2 minutes on us.

I ran into Big Rock Runner Sarah prior to the race, who was asked to join a team last minute - It looks like she ran a very quick leg 1, at 4th in the Women’s division which was also good enough for 3rd team across the finish line in their division.


Sandra did a 5k recently, and ran into (ha!  accidental pun - not intended... but I'm leaving it in) Corinne on the course.  I think Corinne might have done a 10k.  But Sandra did very well - I can't remember her smokin' time, but she was a feelin' it!

"Yeah she was dancing, and singing, and moving to the grooving..."  Wild Cherry.   (ed. note:  I would have written ...and movin' to the groovin'..."  but hey, that's just me).

Deanna had a great race a week or two back.  She ran a MEC series 5k and came in 22 out of 126 women, and 1st in her age category.  Very cool and congrats. She's been getting faster, and has been getting some coaching on the side from Richard, and it's obviously paying off.  To get faster one trains faster.  It works!

Shelly needs soup!     Yeah, I know, that's not something you hear every day, but she actually needs soup.   The Cross Country run is coming up quickly on November 7.  Please read this note from Shelly:

Hi Everyone....  only 2 weeks until we host the Okotoks leg of the CRR x-country series. If you are marshaling, please be there for 11:30.

Soup Makers, we still need 2 more soups.   Jan/Dave (Thank-you it’s in my freezer), Wayne, Susan, Tom, Chad, Berry, Richard /Kathleen, Chuck, Barb 

Volunteers:  Susan( registration), Berry, Richard, Wayne, Tom, Larry, Willemien (kitchen), Jos, Brian and Sandra if home?

If you can help Shelly with some soup, or want to volunteer, please contact her at:  

That's it!  And remember, as Steve Martin once said, "A day without sunshine is like, you know, night."

Happy trails...


October 9, 2015

Team BRR...   

Up for today:

Gord Hobbins

Love and Mercy


Water bottle flush

RunHers thanks


Thanks to Roy for alerting me to this.  Surgery! - Gord Hobbins, owner of Gord's Running Store in Calgary, and a long time supporter of our Sheep River Road Race, recently (4 days ago) had a double coronary artery bypass graft (open heart surgery!).  Apparently for this supremely healthy dude his genetics are such that this was a possibility.  He is up and around now, recovering in the hospital.  Please join me in wishing him well.  You can find lots more info on the Gord's Running Store Facebook page.

Movie Alert!  I have two movies that you might want to check out.  And they are both on - if you have that.  And other platforms as well.

1. Love and Mercy.  I knew the Beach Boys, well, a bit.  They were slightly, yes just slightly (no I'm not lying), before my time.  However, we all know their songs, or some.  And we've almost all heard about Brian Wilson (even if it's because of the Barenaked Ladies song).  Well, I did not know this about Brian Wilson.  

This Sundance-ish type movie is a fascinating story about Brian Wilson and the struggles he had, set in the sixties and the eighties.  It's not all Beach Boys music, so don't go into it ready to dance in the living room.  But it's so well done, showing his creative process, and exploring a particularly dark time in his life, and how he overcame it.  Highly recommend.  And it's John Cusack (gotta love JC), Elizabeth Banks, Paul Giamatti, Paul Dano.  Awesome.  

2. McFarland.  Kevin Costner is a running coach in a small California town with kids overcoming many struggles.  It's Disney, rated G, a true story (love it!), and very inspiring.  Perfect for the whole family.  We both quite enjoyed it.  There are scenes where kids are running over hills, doing some cross-country work, ahhhh... I just had to get out and go for a run.  Great stuff.

Water Bottle Flush - So, yesterday I was purelling (yes, I'm sure you can use that as a verb...) my hands and closing the lid of the bottle when a drop flicked up in my eye.  Yeah I know..yikes!  First off I thought that was the end of my eye.  Who knows what's in that stuff.  I thought I would be the face-melt guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark in any second.  Didn't happen. 


But as a precaution I immediately grabbed a store-bought water bottle (I was in my truck), and was ready to pour it over my head when I realized the opening of the bottle would fit perfectly over my eye.  Took the cap off, pressed the water bottle up against my eye, and tipped my head back.  Blinked a bunch of times, and repeated a bunch of times.  No water on me, and perfect flush of the eye.  Handy trick - keep it in mind.


Sooo, I didn’t drink the water after that.  J  In case you were wondering.

RunHers - Here is a follow up from Rachel:

Hi Mark 
I just wanted to say congratulations on another successful race day. 
Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there (ed. note - I think she was doing her Pirate thing) but there were a number of our RunHers who took part. They were very touched as some of your members recognized their tshirts and took time to talk to them  and make them feel very welcome at the event. We had a couple of ladies who were walking their first ever 5k and it meant a lot to them that your experienced runners were able to offer them encouragement. Please pass on our thanks to your group.

Thanks for the note Rachel.  And thanks to the BRR for being a welcoming bunch!

Races.  Please let me know of any results or upcoming races you would like to share with the group.  I know there are some coming.

That's it.  Short one today.  I'll get another out next week.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow and another good run with the BRR.


September 23, 2015

Team BRR....

A poem...

Ten milled about, stretching and talking

deciding on what route to run

the front door of the Rec Centre they were a blocking

but hey!, the chatting was fun

Finally they came to it, and off they went

"to the vet loop we will go"

out the door they pushed, 9:05 had been spent

come on everyone, heave ho!

But Deanna stayed behind, under Richard's watchful eye

a secret mystery workout she would do

dizzying laps around the track, .. she would no doubt fly!

until her cerebellum was turning blue

(We did not see her again, coffee she would forsake

but we assume that make it she did

but with the carpenter coach as your instructor for the morn

perhaps she ran off and hid)

That left eight fleet of foot, heading out of town

at varying speeds they would travel

they crossed the highway and ran up the road

and their sticking together would unravel

Chad forged the way, wearing his Superman shirt

with Shyla dead-weighting in front

running with ease he led the pack

(although up the hill I heard a faint "grunt!")

Mark kept up bravely, running alongside

pretending he was twenty-nine

his muscles were screaming, his pace at the limit

don't worry, I'm fine - no really... really...(whew!).. fine...

Sarah was there, right close behind

just back from some bodywork in Oklahoma

"bodywork, you say", "what the heck?", "what is that?"

well, it's not what you think - you'll have to ask her

Lori ran with Sandra, and Sarah dropped back

to join them for some talking and pace

they easily breezed up the west side and the north

a speedy all-girl pack they would make

For Lori and Sandra running seems flowy

like a flag in a breeze on a stick

they both glide over the road with a nice looking pace

and crank out the k's really quick

Berry ran alone with her thoughts, a running independent

on and on she pushed across the gravel

with guts and gumption and grit and grist

she triumphed back to the start without an unravel

(Now the mystery of the day is about Dave and about Rob

who set out together to go around

but when we made it all back to the Rec Centre that day

Rob was nowhere to be found

He was not there for coffee, and nobody asked

but his running was not that shoddy

I did not ask Dave, but he came in alone

hmmm.. I wonder where he stashed the body?)

Larry joined us at the end for a coffee that day

you see he still is recouping his health

but he'll be back soon, his muscles are healing

a running ninja he'll soon be, with stealth

(by the way, he is getting a new dog to share his house

perhaps a Fido, or Buster, or Steve-O

congrats Larry, and can we help with the name?

I vote for "Al Pacino")

And to finish it off Kathleen was there

and it was her birthday on that date

"Happy Birthday" we sang, sorely out of tune

and ate Timbits to celebrate the fete

So there you have it, we ran, we recouped

we felt healthier as a group

but that's always the way when we run Saturday

no matter what the loop

Happy trails!

See you Saturday.


September 18, 2015

Team BRR... 

The Sheep River Road Race 2015 edition has now come and gone, and what a success!  Congratulations once again to Chuck and his team and all the volunteers, too numerous to count (well, I guess I could have counted them....).  The race went off without a hitch, the weather was great, the venue perfect, the orange dude funny, course feedback great, and numbers were up.  We had 257 runners this year. 


Many of our club members were volunteering, and many were running.  You can find the results from the race here:

After the race Chuck and Shelly had a BBQ for members and volunteers where he served up a variety of treats to suit carnivores (hamburgers and smokies), omnivores (aforementioned hamburgers and smokies, as well as beans and salads and macaronis and the like), and vegetarians (carrot sticks?) equally.    And dessert, of course, for carni’s, omni’s, and veggie’s alike.  Thanks Chuck and Shelly.

Running news:

I won’t recap the Sheep River Road Race, but we did have club members who fared very well, so check out the results.

I heard Erik completed the 100k Lost Souls Ultra in Lethbridge last week.  He had been training very hard, so congratulations to Erik.  22hours of running... Yowza!


Roy MacLeod finished the 50k LSU high up in the overall, and high in the 50+ age group.  Roy is hoping they will put in a super duper 50+++ age group next year so he can take home the hardware.


Corinne ran the 5k SRRR and the next day ran the 10k Corporate Challenge downtown.  Show off.  J

Follow up on the Jos marathon saga news... I heard from Jos that he did not run the marathon because “... they had it all screwed up.”  Hmmm.  I also heard that beer might have gotten in the way. 

Garth: “Well, that clears it up.”

Wayne: “Not!”

A note from Shelly regarding the upcoming cross-country season:

Hi Mark

Here is the information for the first race of the XC season. We usually bring 5-6 volunteers to help at this race.

Of course our own race requires volunteers and soup makers for November 7th.

Thank you, Shelly

Hi Shelly,

The new XC season is fast approaching, and I’m hoping that I can grab a few volunteers from you once again for the River Park race on October 3rd.  The usual jobs; course marshals & finish line.  We’ll be back running through the river this year, so any runners should remember dry shoes!

Thanks, Derek

So if you can help on the Oct 3rd race, or our own Nov 7 race, please contact Shelly at .  Of course, running them is also a great option!  And at our race on Nov 7 you can run it, and then bring soup!  Shelly has the info...

From Runner’s World – 6 reasons to run:

  1. Running makes you happier. No matter how good or bad you feel at any given moment, exercise will make you feel better.

2. Running helps you get skinnier.. Studies have shown that regular exercise boosts “afterburn”—that is, the number of calories you burn after exercise.

3. Running strengthens your knees (and your other joints and bones, too).
Chances are, you’ve had family, friends, and strangers warn you that “running is bad for your knees.” Well, science has proven that it’s not. In fact, studies show that running improves knee health.

4. Running will keep you sharper, even as you age. 
Worried about “losing it” as you get older?  Regular exercise helps defeat age-related mental decline, particularly functions like task switching, selective attention, and working memory.  

5. Running reduces your risk of cancer. 
Regular exercise is associated with a lower risk of certain cancers. 

6. Running adds years to your life. 
Even if you meet just the minimum of amount of physical activity—(30 minutes, 5 times per week), you’ll live longer.

Okay, all good reasons.  Allons-y!

Happy trails.


September 4, 2015

Team BRR...
The SHEEP RIVER ROAD RACE.... is fast approaching.  It’s actually in 8 days!  If you have not yet signed up yet, what the heck is wrong?  Do it, now. 

If you can’t run at the moment, you’re the walking wounded, off your game, eating too many chips, drinking too many pops, and getting blurry-eyed from a very long stretch doing a Walking Dead marathon day in and day out on your very old couch that leaves you with a slight hitch in your giddy-up and a pain in your left butt cheek that just won’t quite go away when you get out of it after 7 straight hours of watching zombies being stabbed in the head by the I-actually-can’t-believe-they’ve-made-it-this-far-but-we’ll-knock-one-off-every-few-episodes-just-to-keep-it-interesting team of survivors, then okay, don’t run.

But you could volunteer.

Please see the following from our intrepid race director, Chuck:
We still need a few more volunteers for the Sheep River Road Race. If you or someone you know can volunteer please get in touch with Berry Urban.
Also, Shelly and I are hosting a post race barbecue for our club members who volunteered or ran. We will provide the burgers and smokies but the rest is potluck. Please let us know if you are coming and also what you are bringing. Thank you.

Yay... BBQ!  Don’t forget to let them know if you’re in, and what you’re bringing.

All the details about the race are on the website:

A bit more...
We had a nice run last week.  We met Sarah who has moved to town recently and joined us for a river loop run.  She ran up at the front of the pack with Lori and Corinne and Sandra.  That is until Shyla passed everyone, with Chad dutifully coming right behind.  If you have a chance next time Sarah’s out please introduce yourself.

Jos apparently ran a marathon in the Netherlands last weekend, but I can’t find the results anywhere.  I’m sure he did well, or didn’t.  Or finished, or not.  Or even went there...or maybe not.  Hopefully he will return sometime before Christmas so we can really find out what actually happened.  Maybe he’s driving aimlessly through the southern states in his new truck.  Hmmm.

I had a note from former, but always there in spirit, BRR Roy MacLeod.  He is doing well in Lethbridge, but is suspect that Jos can actually run a marathon (see, that’s two of us... there’s something going on...).  He also mentioned he’s running in a 50k race on the same day as SRRR.  I didn’t hear, but I imagine he remains fleet of foot and can still stay ahead of most of us.  But maybe he’ll run with us at next year’s race when the calendar significantly flips over for him and he turns into an old man.  :)

Sheesh... it’s 7 degrees right now.  What’s happening!!!

That’s it.  SHEEP RIVER ROAD RACE.   N’oubliez pas!


August 28, 2015

Team BRR...

Well, we had a nice run last week.  There were 59 of us.  13 went into the Air Ranch and looped the 8k, 12 did a quick 11k around the Vet Loop, and the remaining 34 of us covered various routes along the river ranging from 7 to 13k.  John ran the whole way backwards, Paul skipped, Rob talked incessantly, and Lori set a world record for 1,359 consecutive cartwheels.  What a run!

Oh, and the Easter Bunny sat with us for a mocha back at the Rec Centre...


..I just wanted to see if anyone actually reads these...  :-)

The Sheep River Road Race is two week away!  Don’t forget to sign up, and tell your friends and enemies about it.  But don’t tell your enemies about the draw prizes.  :)   It’s a new route this year, and will prove to be as great as always.  Chuck and the team have been putting time into organizing and advertising, and I saw a notice on a billboard in town the other day.  Great stuff.   Check out all the info on our website.

Speaking of website... we have revised the website.  Please take a look at

Back to the SRRR.  I received the following note from Rachel Crocker: 

I just thought I would let you know that we have around 15 ladies from the Sheep River RunHers taking part in your race this year. We have been encouraging our members to support the BRR and I'm thrilled with their response. For many of them, it is their first ever race and they are quite nervous!  Unfortunately, I won't be there as I will be in Halifax running a pirate themed race! If you see any of our RunHers, give them a cheer!


Thanks Rachel (arrr, matey), good luck swashbuckling in Halifax, and good luck to the RunHers!  (did you know that there is a runhers, (all lower case..maybe it’s a smaller group?..tee hee...) in Oklahoma City.  Yes! – I checked it out, but the website was draped in pink so I didn’t stay long).

Other... I heard Eric did part of Iron Legs a few weeks back, in his training for Lost Souls 100km in September.  Good Luck Eric.

Jos and Willemien are off to Europe and Jos will be running a marathon there this weekend.  He has been training hard – Go Dog Go!  (Seuss, Theodor 1904 – 1991)

Did you see the picture in Okotoks On-line the other day?  Here’s the link...    see if you know who they are.. yeah, the runner is fairly obvious, but the black-socked biker?   Hmmm.  :-)

That’s it.  Too much smoke.... just don’t breathe...


August 13, 2015

Team BRR... 

I hope your summer is going well and you’re enjoying the sun... and the heat.  This is great.  It’s supposed to be 30 again today.  Not complaining.

We had summer-usual about 8 runners last week and did a couple of loops around Goose Pond and then back to the Rec Centre.  A short but fun run.  A lot of the geese have flown the coup, so there is less danger of having your shins attacked and eyes pecked out as you try and run by. 

Just sayin’.

There are shorter races and halfs (halves?) and marathons coming up in the fall and a couple of the team were in training mode for that.  Others of us were bopping along discussing the merits of being precise in your training with respect to distance, or being “ish” about it.  That is, if your schedule says 10k, and you’re 300m short when you get back home, do you run down to the end of the street and back to make it up, or is 10k-ish close enough.  I fall into the “ish” group. 

Wayne to Garth:  “ex-squeeze me?”  “baking powder?”

Yes, I’m in the “ish” group.  What about you?

Last but not least, Richard wanted to share the following message with respect to the Sheep River Road Race.  Chuck and his team are working hard to deliver a great event on Saturday September 12.

Keep your eyes and ears open as you move around town to see if you can spot the SRRR advertising. In addition to the poster at the ORC (there are more to come) Chuck and I put up a sign at the Okotoks Country Inn and we have another at Lakeview Inn. Starting Aug 17 we will have a highway sign at the north end of town for a couple of weeks. The local radio station will be advertising our event on their calendar of events and maybe a verbal comment by me. In the Western Wheel  on Aug 12 the club will be featured in "Get with the Programme." On Wed Sept 2 we have a table booked at the Parade of Programmes in the curling arena where the SRRR and the BRR will be promoted. David Gilbert has agreed to help promote the race by putting race flyers into the bags at the check outs at Sobeys. I am working on being able to address the  total staff of the  FSD  when they meet on the first day of school and I will also be in contact with CRSD  to try and encourage more school participation in the SRRR. 

If you have any other ideas for promotion please contact me,


That’s it!  Happy trails.


July 27, 2015

Team BRR....  

I had the following shout out for volunteers from Mary for the Iron Legs race coming up mid-August.  Please check out the following from Mary, and race director Jamie:

A group of Big Rock Runners volunteered at Iron Legs last year and Jamie is asking for volunteers again this year. Iron Legs is a 60km, a 50 miler and or relay, held near Bragg Creek in Kananaskis Country.

Most shifts are 3-4 hours, and the link to the volunteer signup sheet is here:



Hey Everyone,

We are still looking for volunteers for this year's race. If you are available on August 15th for a few hours please consider signing up or pass the link along to some you know who might be interested. To sign up just follow the link below to see what is available.

Thanks and hope to see you at the race.


July 23, 2015

Team BRR...

Summer continues.  It has been great for running as the weather has been dry and warm.  And then there is the persistent tornado problem...

Okay, not persistent.  I had just turned onto the Deerfoot extension, going north, looked over my left shoulder and there it was.  The first time I had seen a tornado in person, face to face, so to speak.  I took some good pics... phoned people  “hey, there’s a tornado”  “yeah, we heard”  “it’s really cool”  “go home”  “but it’s really neat to see”  “don’t be an idiot”  “but, ..”  “idiot..”  ... well, you get the idea.

I went home.

Running things:

The Sheep River Road Race is coming on Saturday, September 12.  New this year, it’s not on Labour day.  And it’s at St. John Paul II Collegiate.  Here is the link to the website with all the info:

Chuck Holmstrom is leading the charge once again so thanks to Chuck, and remember to come out and support the race. 

Chad is putting out a call to collect donations of prizes for the race.  We have always had numerous prizes to give away for random draws, from socks, to mugs, to sweatshirts and jackets, etc.  It certainly makes the end of the race fun for many.  If you can donate something contact Chad at:  

Any running feats? 

Erik mentioned he recently ran the Blackfoot Ultra, and is training for Iron Legs (in Bragg Creek?.. August perhaps) and Lost Souls in September.  Great stuff Erik – going strong. 

Wayne G. and Glen recently cycled around Iceland – in a race!  They didn’t win... but I’m sure they were close!  J

Also, Wayne G has been recognized as one of Okotoks sportsmen of the year for his amazing running feats (or feets... get it?), and his bio and picture are up in the Rec Centre.  Check it out next time you walk down the hallway.  Congrats Wayne.


Albert is okay, but was in a rollover accident in Nanaimo last month.  A rollover!!  Sheesh.  He came away with (only) a broken collarbone, and no doubt his car is a little more compact.  Best wishes in your recovery Albert, and ... well, ... I’m glad you’re still with us.  (Yeah... there’s probably something better to say here...)  J

I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head.  Keep on running.


July 7, 2015

Team BRR...

Happy Stampede!   (yee haw)..      I have been remiss in updating some recent races and results.

Congratulations to Rick Charlton for putting on, once again, a very successful Millarville Run to the Farmer’s Market.  We had a few members, but I could only find these two, and I get this from scanning the list only, so if I have missed anyone.. mea culpa:

· Aaron Swanson – well, not a member, but progeny of Larry, so genes count – he placed third overall in the half marathon with a time of 1:14 (1:14!).  Dude.

· Paul Kroon ran the half in an excellent time for an old guy.  J

"The trouble with jogging is that by the time you realize you're not in shape for it, it's too far to walk back."
-Franklin P. Jones

(Mr, Jones died in 1980 –  maybe a bit before “jogging” became “running”)  J

Calgary half marathon and races also went off last month with Jim in the 5k, Chad in the half (I think Shyla sat this one out), Corinne in the half, (and somebody else..... hmmm).   And then, Corinne ran the Manitoba Marathon (she hails from those parts) a couple of weeks ago.   What a machine! 

Susan Sosick ran the Powderface Half two days ago.  I have not been in that race for a while, but I always enjoyed it, and it’s a tough race.  Major uphills and downhills – congrats Susan for ripping it and finishing overall 21st out of 71 half-marathoners.

The Natural High Triathlon ran on the weekend.  I watched it this year, and it seems like a great local event, and very well-organized.  Congratulations to all involved.  There were some very strong triathletes in the mix, as well as mid and back-of-the-packers.  It was the perfect race for all types.  Lucy Urban ran the Try a Tri and came in right in the middle of the pack.  I think this was her first attempt at a triathlon, or at least an open water tri (she might have also done the Turner Valley Tri a few days previously with her father Rob).  In her race she showed her swimming prowess and was second out of the water.  Great stuff.

I am probably missing a few people.  If you want to keep people updated on your races, please let me know.

Have a great summer training for various races... and/or porch sitting and drinking beer.


July 2, 2015

Team BRR...

The last couple of weeks at the Rec Centre on Saturdays have been relatively quiet for our running group.  But summer is here, and as is usually the case lots of people are off and about on weekends.  But remember to drop by if you are here on a Saturday morning as there will always be someone to run with. 


The new Terminator movie has opened.  We all know about the Terminator.   Here are three Terminator facts that you might not know:

  1. Arnie wanted to say “I will be back”, instead of “I’ll be back”, since a machine would not use a contraction.  Director James Cameron rightly said no.
  2. Mel Gibson turned down the role of the Terminator.  O.J. Simpson was considered for the role, but, according to James Cameron, "People would not have believed a nice guy like O.J. playing the part of a ruthless killer..."   Hmmmm.
  3. Interestingly, John Conner only existed because the machines sent the Terminator back in time to kill his mother. If the Terminator did not go back in time, Kyle would not have followed, and, therefore, could not have met Sarah Conner and become John's father.   ... more time travel paradoxes... my...brain... hurts...

Back to running.

This past week we had about 8 runners, and others for coffee as is usual.  We did about 8 – 10 km or so, and it was a great day for a run.  

Nothing unusual, except when I was running around Drake Pond the other day and was attacked by a red-winged blackbird.  A red-winged blackbird!   Sheesh. 

“To the last, I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.”

...Captain Ahab... or Khan.

Well, I might be overreacting.


Not much else.  Enjoy the weather.



June 26, 2015

Team BRR...

The following is... mostly... a true account of the Sheep River Racing Team, made up of members of the Big Rock Runners.

As was their annual rite, the team stood still as the photographer positioned the picture.  They stood across the start line, smiling, and eager to get going, while the stranger recorded the moment in history.  It was 5:59am.  It was a cold 5 degrees (no, not redundant.  Gosh darn chilly it was).  One minute later, the gun went off, and the race was on.

The Aviator went first in his t-shirt and shorts, gliding off the start line like a bi-plane on hardtop, and nearing the front of the pack as he wound around town and headed out towards the mountains looming in the distance.  The team cheered as he went by, warming as he ran, then they scrambled into their cars to chase him down as the leg 1 pack diminished.  The 29th annual K100 relay was on.  The team was pumped as they started the chase.

They caught him 20 minutes later.  An orange-vested member of the team (was it the Elder?) ran beside, dispensing liquids and dishing out support, as the rest of the team shivered on the sidelines, trying to warm as the sun was pulling back the covers and peeking over the mountains.  This went on for the next hour as the team would drive ahead, the Aviator would run by, they would cheer, he would sip, they would jump back in the cars and drive forward.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  But incredibly, to those unaware, it was fun.  It was always fun.

The Aviator approached the hand off point with about 18km under his belt.  The beginning of leg 2.  And the Silver-Haired Competitor was waiting nervously.  You see, it had been a tough year for tSHC, his body bent and broken, but now very much on the mend.  He had been preparing through the last year, rehabilitating his mind, body, and spirit to, unknowingly, get to this day.  The Aviator came in for a landing, they slapped palms, and off went tSHC.


He ran well, he ran great, it was glorious!  The tSHC was back!  He chugged up the well-you-wouldn’t-know-it-was-there-if-you-hadn’t-read-about-it incline, as the road weaved west.  He killed it.  He gained momentum and at 8km, the pre-arranged spot, we asked the question.  He said no and carried on.  9km.   No.  10km.  Yes.  His pre-determined rehabilitation-related distance now long-expired, he slapped, and off went Lady Lorelei to finish leg 2.  She ran on to the leg 3 start, and blew by the volunteer, picking up dust as she went.  She would also do leg 3!

No incidents for her – there never are (well, see – rib).  She powered through her leg, with the slope’s gravity pushing back on her more and more as the leg progressed.  That’s okay.  She’s a pro, and made it to leg 4 running strong, and (incredibly) longing for more.  Slap!  Off goes the Flying Dutchman.

No problems, and here’s a guy who is the polar opposite of Lady Lorelei.  He runs with more bandages, and tensors, and duct tape than anyone else on this earth.  And yet he always finishes when he says he will, and this time is no exception.  14km later.  Slap!  Off goes the Elder on leg 5.

Now listen, this author is not mean-spirited in the naming of the Elder.  The Elder brought this on himself, by continually reminding the team that he is the eldest, and is running the hardest leg.   And all that is true.  Leg 5 is considered the most difficult.  18km straight uphill.  Nary a respite, with the only downhill section, like Magnetic Hill in New Brunswick, an optical illusion.  But today was difficult, with the god Hamstringius smiting him down with 5km to go.  “I feel so smoted”, the Elder was heard to say.  Hey, “stuff” happens (this post is PG).  But before you could say “chocolate chip cookies” the Flying Dutchman jumped out of the truck, wiped the potato chips from his chin, and finished the leg.  So is teamwork.

There were over 100 teams.  By now we had seen the knock-kneed girl, the toe runner, shirtless dude, neon girl, and the thirsty man.  We tried not to stare.

Now Leg 6, and the team was in sync.  And already tired.  But the mother got us out of our doldrums with her constant smile and upbeat attitude, and crushed the downhill leg with plenty of cheer.  She left it all on the course.


Leg 7.  The Accountant added (pun!) more miles to the day, easily running his leg while the team supported him in fluids, and cheer.  This was old hat to the Accountant, and to most of the team, having done this together for many of the 29 years of the race.   The day was beautiful now when the Accountant crossed the line and hand-slapped the Chicken Lady.


She took off on Leg 8.  The team followed closely, but no problems for her.  Running comes so easily to the Chicken Lady.  Break a wrist, keep running.  Break the other wrist, keep running.  Travel the world for work, keep running.  Sleep four hours a night, keep running.  Sheesh!  She cruised to the leg 9 line.


Slap!  The Father headed into the woods for the cross-country 11km leg.  No support for him, as was the destiny of the leg 9 runner.  He was on his own as the team regrouped at Nakiska for the leg 10 start.  We ate cookies as he ran.  And before he returned the leg 10 start went off, not unexpectedly.   (they figured out the math).

No Slap!

Leg 10.  King Marcoussis took off, nervous of a recently injured calf, and the 15km ahead of him.  Hitting the turnaround he knew he was fine, and  felt even stronger as the run progressed.  No problems on the way back, even passing a few, and he finished the uphill sprint with a grand final push.  The team was waiting for him, as was tradition, after having their fill of suspicious hamburgers and interesting-looking salad.


The race was done, the team had held together and finished strong, and all were very happy to have been able to participate. 

And on the drive home they almost had a head-on collision with a cow!

What a day.

The end.

Big Rock Runners.... see you for a run at the Rec Centre tomorrow morning.


June 12, 2015

Team BRR...

A story...

The carpenter and his mate were offering up, as was their annual ritual, a soft chair, nice conversation, and enough victuals to fill the recesses of one’s stomach.  The water, nectar (and ale, if that were your preference) would be in abundance, along with food stuffs from the corners of the world.  And, of course, the warm hospitality and good company of others partaking in this sojourn.

But there was one catch, as was usual:  You would have to perform fleet of foot for your bounty.

The hungry brood milled about, just prior to the commencement of the journey.  Anticipation was high, and stomachs were empty, when finally the carpenter gave the go ahead for the mob to set forth.

One clutch went first, concerned about the upcoming undulations of the journey, and that they were, perhaps, not as fleet of foot as others to come behind.  (although to this day we are still not convinced that it was not a ploy, and the main goal was to get the choice victuals, the marbled bits in the middle, so to speak).  But, off they went.

The remainder gossiped, about, well, nothing in particular, until the carpenter gave a hearty “let’s get on with it” kind of look.  The remainder departed and the carpenter, with his fleet of foot days mostly behind him, bounded into his chariot to assist any particular soul having difficulty along the trail.

The journey went well. 

The daughter came on her velo, to shout encouragement at the father, and the mother, as the big rise chipped away at their spirit.

The small one came, enjoying a comfortable ride in her pram, and playing on her moving pictures tablet, while her own father drew extra resources from deep within, willing himself, and the pram he pushed, to make it up the big rise, and then cruising the downhill glide to the carpenter’s castle.

Lady Lorelei was there, head down and pistons firing, and laid claim to the queen of the hill prize.

(It should be noted that, to his credit, the carpenter staged a welcome table of liquids at the top of the big rise, to rejuvenate those in need.  All partook).

There were many others who traversed the course.  There was the red flash, the doppelganger, the accountant, Ultra girl, the cyclist, and the man with the bionic heart (who continues to amaze with his fleet of foot prowess).  And many more.

Although not all made it all the way under their own enzyme-assisted power, the goal was to make it in any which way they could.   And they did.

And the carpenter and his mate did not disappoint.  The victuals and conversation were, as always, the ultimate prize.

In the end, the fleet and their feet went back via chariot, but not after a magnificent feast.


Thanks to Richard and Kathleen... as always, a great breakfast run.  Pics are on the website.


I should mention a hearty congrats to those who participated in the Calgary Marathon races a couple of weeks back.  Here’s what I can remember –

Greg – marathon – congrats!

Corinne – half marathon (she’s running the Winnipeg marathon in a week)

Chad – half marathon – yes!

Jim – 5k  - getting that hammie back into shape.

Tomorrow – Millarville races are happening.  Good luck.  Or, by the time you read this, congratulations!  J

That’s it!

Happy trails.


May 28, 2015

Team BRR...

Let’s talk cars.

I’m probably about a 4 as a car guy.  On a scale of 10.  I know my cars somewhat, I know a bit about engines, horsepower, torque (goes on your head, right?), the place where the oil goes in... runs on gas, you know, the usual stuff.  But the other day, driving on the Deerfoot, I came across a guy driving a Trans Am.  But not any TA.  Probably about a 1978 black Firebird TA with the T-bar sunroof (he had them out), and the big gold bird painted on the sides and the hood.  He had a modified engine.. I think it had a 6.6 on the side.  I know that means power.  J  And he was wearing a cowboy hat and had a blond and grey magnum P.I. moustache. 


Flashback to high school.  I think I heard the Grand Illusion by Styx wafting stereophonically across the lanes.  Love it!

Now, let’s talk trucks...


We had a good run the other day, albeit somewhat short.  We did the Goose Loop with a new runner, Louise, joining us.  Welcome to her.

The breakfast run is coming up , as you’ve previously heard.  Richard and Kathleen are welcoming us all in to their home for this annual event for about the 90th or so time.    Well, not sure on the math, but we’ll check the guest book.  Please let Richard and Kathleen know if you are going.  You can call them at .. or email me (their email is down at the moment.  And I don’t know about you, but if my email was down at the moment, or even for a moment, well... it wouldn’t be pretty.  But I’m not addicted to it.. no, I’m not!).  They would like to know numbers of people by June 3 please.

Richard also let me know that you’re welcome to bring some food stuffs along, but you don’t have to, and can come sans-food. They will have lots.   He will be cooking up his usual treats...  probably pancakes, sausage, baked beans? (wait a that bangers and mash?... I don’t know... maybe it’s just bangers.... what is bangers and mash?  And really, who was the first one that called it bangers and mash?  Bangers and mash.... so British!) Either way.

Oh yeah.. the run starts at the Rec center as usual at 9am Saturday June 6.  There will be a car or two to carry your bag of stuff to change your gear when you get there.  And probably a few cars to grab a ride home.  I think it’s about a 12.5km run.  And if you can’t run you can drive out and just come for brekkie.


See you Saturday.


May 19, 2015

Team BRR....

Here are your latest chills and thrills from the Big Rock Runners.  It’s a biggie today, so hang in there until the end.


As you read, please remember, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”  - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Friendship Run.....

There were 40-ish runners who ran from the High River Fieldhouse to the Aldersyde Fieldhouse.  Winds were from behind, nice sunny day, and the venue at the end was perfect for a social gathering to finish things off.  All in all it was runtabulous!

Big kudos to John MacKillop.  John grabbed this event a few years ago after Norm had given it a great 10 years as the lead.  The route has changed, venues have changed, John built a bridge so we could get across a "crick" (perhaps), and on it goes, continuing to be a fun social run.  From all of us John, Thanks.

Also, thanks to Peter for the magnificent Aid Station (or, the "Aide" Station, if there is human intervention).  Peter has been doing this for us for many years without fail.  Thanks again.  And to all the other volunteers - many thanks and always needed.

One story was the girl from Okotoks who came in third, along with her 5lb Japanese Chin, who she leaned out at the line.  Sooo... I guess the dog came fourth.  :-)  That's a long way on little dog legs.  

“Judge me by my size, do you?” – Yoda.

Richard took a whack of pictures, as did Berry and Jos, and others might have as well, and Berry will soon be posting them to the website and Facebook. 

Any other stories?  Let me know.

Other stuff...

Rick Charlton, race director for the Millarville Farmers Half, wanted to mention the following regarding the race:

The Millarville “Run To The Farmers’ Market” could use a few more course marshals in Turner Valley for race morning, Saturday, June 13. Start about 7:25 a.m. and done by about 8:45 a.m.  In addition, we could use a few more people for Aid Stations.   If you’re available, contact Rick at ...

FYI, the half marathon and relay have both reached their race caps and are sold out. The COBS Cinnamon Bun Run 8-Miler, either as “Runners” or “Bunners” continues to have registration room.   We will be in the area of 850-875 total registrations by race morning.

Thank you.

So get out there and run for your, so to speak. 

On that note, we received this request from a runner who is looking for an entry. 

Name : ..
Email Address: (if you’re interested, email me and I will forward it to you - Mark).
Message : I am looking to buy a bib for the Millarville Run to the Market Half Marathon on June 13th. If any of your members had planned to run the race and they are no longer able to race, please have them email me. I have confirmed with the race director that he will transfer the bib registration.
Thank you!

Hey, I was running the Goose Loop in Mountainview, (yes, that’s what I call it now), and there were Canada Geese up in trees!  Two different trees.  Two different geese.  I have never seen that.  I could not tell if nests were up there, but it would be a bit of a tumble for any new goslings. 


Wayne Gaudet has a request:

I am riding in the MS Bike ride to raise money for the MS Society again this year. Thank you for all of your support last year as I raised over $1000.00. I know we all get numerous fundraising requests but I am hoping you will support me again this year. Our team name is the Wheels of Fortune. It is spearheaded by my niece Dr. Jennifer Amyotte. She was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago. Jennifer has rallied the troops for some serious riding again this year. As I did last year I will pay my own entry fee plus I will match dollar for dollar any money donated to me. You can donate at, Follow the links to

1) Events

2) MS Bike

3) Click Donate

4) Enter Wayne Gaudet

5) Click donate now

Thanks for all of your support.

Foothills Philharmonic:

A few of our members are very artistic - singers, instrument players, belly dancers, (not sure on that last one), etc.  One of them, Chad, is performing with the Foothills Philharmonic Chamber Chorus this coming Friday and Saturday evenings, along with Alberta Dance Academy and the Foothills Philharmonic String Ensemble.  The flyer is attached, and if you’re interested in attending it will be a great evening.

Lots of races coming up over the summer and fall.  If you want to share, you know how to reach me.


“That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a run.”  - Forrest Gump.


May 11, 2015

Team BRR....

A good run on Saturday.  Small group, some did the river, some the vet loop.  All was good.  Not much new to report.

Friendship Run – Monday May 18.  Don’t forget, starting at 9am at the High River Fieldhouse, and going to the new Okotoks Fieldhouse.  About 16km perhaps.  Run the whole way, or part way.  Refreshments at the end.  Nice backroads route.  All in all a nice fun run.

I grabbed the attached jpg off of my computer – you might have seen it before - for those trail runners... and Lady Lorelei...

Speaking of which... Lori asked me to share the following:

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to thank you all so much for all the get well wishes.  You are such a supportive and awesome bunch of friends!

It has been a week since the mishap and I am already feeling so much better. ( Thanks to the King for looking after me!)

Thanks again, and see you all on the trails soon,

Lori  ( aka Lorelei )

And now, intermission... and a couple of quotes from my favourite male models...

Derek Z.:  “It’s in the computer..”

Hansel: “It’s IN the computer!”

Mugatu: “It’s that damn Hansel!  He’s so hot right now.”


Derek Z.:  “Moisture is the essence of wetness.”

I think that’s it!  Happy running.


May 8, 2015

Team BRR...

I would like to tell you a story:

Once upon a time there was a fair lady – let’s call her Lorelei – and her charming King – let’s call him Marcoussis.  Lorelei and Marcoussis enjoyed many of the same pastimes, and had a great life together.  They would vacation together in faraway lands, see the sites of the world, and spend time in a particularly favourite place called Fernwouth, in the southern region of the republic of Brittanic Columbonia.  And while there, one of their favourite things to do together was to explore the entire region of Fernwouth, by chariot, by velo, and by fleet of foot. 

On their most recent visit to Fernwouth they decided that fleet of foot was the order of the day, and set out to explore the undulations of the various traveller worn paths through the region.  They donned appropriate gear for a great exertion, and set forth at a great pace.  On a sunny but crisp morning they began their assault on a particular set of trails which were, from years of wear and travel, and others fleet of foot, much beset by mud, and root, and rock.

Over the next hour the pair had a grand adventure, dodging branches, avoiding puddles, and conversing throughout, while maintaining a great fleet-of-foot pace. 

But, as the exploration was nearing an end, and weariness was no doubt setting in, the fair lady Lorelei miscalculated the height above the trail of a particular root or rock (and to this day neither the lady nor the King are sure if it was root or rock), and neglected, to her chagrin, to lift her foot just high enough to make clearance - and caught her toe. 

Marcoussis was only a few steps ahead, and heard a gasping “oh my King!...” as the lady tumbled to the ground, landing awkwardly, and pointedly, on another badly-placed rock, with her shoulder, her wrist, and most unfortunately, her side body.  She quickly tried to get up, as blood gushed from both of her knees, and disorientation set in.  Pain emanated from her chest as she sat back down by the side of the trail, helped by the King, with the forest oblivious to her plight.

After many minutes the two set off slowly to exit the bush, and get off of the twisted trail, it would now be called.  After finally boarding chariot and making way back to their abode, the lady washed away the blood and tried to rest the remainder of the day and night.

It was a restless night, and it was the next day, after visiting their personal healer, that they determined the lady had, indeed, broken a rib.  The pain she was experiencing would endure for some time as the rib would heal, eventually, but would take its time.  “The lady is fine, but needs some time”, the healer would be heard to say.

So, even though the King will be available for fleet-of-foot events, don’t be surprised if lady Lorelei lays low for a fortnight or two, while she regains her spirit and recuperates her broken shell, all the while cursing the forest trails of Fernwouth.

The end.

The King will look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


April-29, 2015

Team BRR...

I was not at the last two runs - I was out of town.  Actually, last week Lori and I were outside of Winnipeg (going to Winnipeg!). 

When we travel to foreign lands (Manitoba, Saskatchewan) we always like to get in a run or two, as it is the best way to see a new place.  On the way home we stayed overnight in Swift Current, and were getting antsy for a run.  Well, as luck would have it, we found a nice pathway on the south side of the highway, right along the Swift Current river.  We went out and back for about 8km, but in total you could do an out and back for probably 17 or 18km.   Just FYI for the next time (or the first time) you're in Swift Current.

The week before we were in Fernie and had a great trail run on the Saturday - in April!  No mud, no snow.  Unheard of.  And it was dry, dry, dry.  Be careful with any fires this year.


Since I was not at the runs I don't have much to report.  I do know that a few folks from the club ran the Police Half.  I found some of them on-line - Tom, Corinne, Jos in particular.  If there were more, apologies, and congrats to all.

And since I don't have much else to report on with respect to running, here are some more famous historical quotes:

1.  History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.

 - Napoleon Bonaparte.

2.  You must pursue this investigation of Watergate, even if it leads to the President.  I'm innocent.  You've got to believe I'm innocent.  If you don't, take my job.

- Richard Nixon.


3.  Eventually the hoopla will die down, and people will run the same way we brush our teeth - every day, without a fuss.

- Jimmy Fixx.

4.  Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

- Confucious

Hmmm... a bit of a double negative in that last one...confucing!  (hey....see what I did there?)  J

Anyway, happy trails.  See you Saturday.


April 12, 2015

Team BRR...

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last email.  Did you miss me?... Wait!  Don’t answer that.    


Okay here is your easy Quadratic Equation of the day:

x² - 3x – 4 = 0,   solve for x

The first two correct answers get a coffee on me. 

What?  You can’t remember your grade ...something... math?  It’s in there.... just don’t pop any blood cells trying to figure it out.  J  And, a bonus “large” coffee if you can do it without the internet?  Hmmm.


We have had three runs since my last email.  A quick summary:

Two weeks ago we found a new pond to run around, to the west of the new Mountainview subdivision.  Nice little spot, with some very noisy geese.  I’m sure there will be some nests around there soon, so watch your ankles as there will probably be some new goslings – and no, I’m not talking about Ryan.

It was a fairly cold day, with some rain!  Unheard of in these parts.  Really, how many times in a year do we actually have to run in the rain in Okotoks?   Don’t answer that – it was rhetorical. 

(According to Mirriam-Webster - Rhetorical - of a question : asked in order to make a statement rather than to get an answer).   

Anyway, NOT MANY.

Fun run though.

One week ago we left the Rec Centre and, after some considerable debate, we turned left instead of right!  Seriously, it’s amazing how we always turn right, then right, then right, then right, then down the hill, etc....  Well, this time we went left and headed down Centre hill.  

It was a mess.  People didn’t know what to do, or where to go.  We got stopped by a train.  The group fractured into numerous parts.  Everyone was out of their comfort zone.  

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!!”

And to top it off, I think we wound up having coffee at two different spots because the Rec Centre coffee spot was closed.  Holy moly... “Guide us, Landru!”

Yesterday.  Yeah.  We turned right, and all was well with the world.  We took off down the hill and tried to get out of the gale force winds... but to no avail.   It was very, very windy.  But a good run nonetheless.  Lots of coffee and talking afterwards, with long, deep discussions.  (okay, ... not that deep).  Anyway, it was good to see more folks out. 

Some other stuff:

John wanted to remind everyone once again about the Friendship Run.  Monday May 18, Starting at 9am at the High River field house, and ending at the new Okotoks field house (out near Aldersyde).  Entry is free, and there will be refreshments afterwards. 

For those who have not run it previously, after getting out of High River it’s all on back roads, and not the highway.  So, stress free.  Except for the approximately 16 kms of running, of course.  There will be a need for a few volunteers for biking the lead and the end, and some marshals, but more to come on that.  And keep in mind, you don’t have to run the whole thing.  Just do what you can.  Start half way and pick up when people start coming by, or start in High River and grab a ride to the end when you’re “done”.  Anything goes.  It’s not timed, or even recorded!

Richard and Kathleen have been chatting on email with Robin Grant.  Many of you will remember Robin when he used to run with us a few years back.  He was fast.  Then he moved to New Zealand, hooked up with another running group, and got really fast.  He still lives in New Zealand with his family, and is apparently doing quite well, thinking of retirement, and enjoying life.  Good for him.  He sends his regards to the Big Rock Runners and his friends here.

If anyone is thinking of membership dues, and a few of you have mentioned it recently, they go to Tanis when you see her.


Many of you will have seen the article on Wayne Gaudet in the Wheel last week.  I think he was running this weekend in Europe, and is probably done.  I was talking with him briefly before he left, and he mentioned the site to go to for results, but I can’t recall it.  I thought it was ICU, but that turns out to be about cheerleading.  Not that that’s a bad thing, but not really in his wheelhouse.   Anyway, I hope he did well, and you can probably find some results on-line by now.

That’s it.  A long one today.

Happy Trails!


March 25, 2015

BRR Team...

This past Saturday we had an intimate (in other words – small-ish), but lively group running the trails around town.  Winter was back in a small way, so there were a few icy spots about, but nothing we could not overcome. 

And now... a “great historical speeches” break...

.... we shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France,

we shall fight on the seas and oceans,
we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air,

we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,
we shall fight on the beaches,
we shall fight on the landing grounds,
we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
we shall fight in the hills;
we shall never surrender....

....Sir Winston Churchill, June 4, 1940.

Hey, you never know what to expect!  ... back to running...

We mostly ran the river loop, some south and some north, and re-grouped at the Rec centre for coffees and talk.  We were discussing the ongoing flood mitigation issues in High River, at which point John led us in a discussion about how the rivers around the area were formed, why some places flood and others don’t from a historical perspective, and how the Big Rock landed near town, amongst other stuff.  It was very interesting, and John certainly knows his stuff!

We sat a while and gabbed (is that still a word?)... and then cramped up and left!  J

We’re looking forward to a nice run this weekend.  There’s a new pathway that’s just recently opened up, right in town, and I would like to run to it and try it out. It’s not long, but we need to get to it.  It’s probably 5 or 6 km round trip from the RC, so we can add on.  I’ll lead if anyone wants to come with me.

A clarification regarding the Friendship Run.  It’s on Monday, May 18, as stated.  It’s about 16km, not the 20 or more I mentioned.  It’s being run from Field to Field.  That is, from the High River field house (down by the arena), to the new Okotoks field house (sort of out near Aldersyde? – I have not been there as of yet).    So, 16km – more manageable for some.  Please keep it on your radar.

And here is a word from Rick Charlton regarding the Millarville Run:


Millarville "Run To The Farmers' Market" Half Marathon featured by reviewers at Impact Magazine and as one of the top 3 running events in Alberta to try in 2015. Article in Impact magazine 2015 Race Source Guide. Image attached.

We were happy to see that!!!

Thanks!  That’s it for this week.  See you Saturday.


March 13, 2015

Team BRR...

It's March 13.  I ran.  It was 20 degrees!


Garth:  "No Way!"

Wayne:  "Way."

T-shirt and shorts, and a run through Drake Landing where the sidewalk chalk gangs were out in full force.  Great day for a run.

From last week:

  • There were more runners than we have been getting of late - perhaps 13, maybe 15? - so that be good.  The more is always the merrier... (well, unless we're talking about deer in my backyard, that is).
  • Shyla (sp? - not sure) was there, whipping her father into shape.  So, Chad was doing all the work, and she was riding in covered, open air comfort - playing on her IPad! - oblivious to his exertion.  And she got the cookie after the run!  Hmmm...
  • The weather was great. 
  • John put in another plug for the Friendship Run, this year to be run on May 18.  Please remember that May 18 is a Monday - holiday Monday.  So please jot that down using a number 2 pencil, or record it in any appropriate electronic organizer/calendar/keep-track-of-my-life-thingee.  Every year there is rousing debate about the length of the run, but let's say it's somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20km, give or take a km or two.  And remember, you don't have to run the whole way.  Many don't.  Start anywhere along the way, or drop out early and shuttle to the finish, it's all good.  There will also be a need for marshals, bike riders, etc., but more info to come on that later.  And lunch at the end.

See you tomorrow for another glorious run.

Bill: "Awesome dude."

Ted: "Totally."



March 2, 2015

Team BRR....

Well, I was not there on Saturday.  I was in Fort Lauderdale.  It was 27C.  Just sayin’.

But I did hear we had a decent group of the usual suspects on Saturday for the run, including Franken-Tom.  I missed it, but apparently the puck did not miss Tom’s chin, and he was sporting a few nice stitches.  For those of you who don’t know Tom that well, and missed this, just wait a couple of years – it will happen again!  He has a way of attracting pucks.  But hey, you should have seen the other guy!

Ba da boom.

The runs were along the river valley, and once again everyone made it back alive.

Below I have a note from Mary about an Ultra run in Bragg Creek in May.  Please check it out.  Single or relay.

And finally, Leonard Nimoy, RIP.

C’est tout!



If you're looking for something to do on May 9th, consider a long run in Bragg Creek.

Run for the Braggin' Rights - May 9, 2015

Run for the Braggin' Rights is a 50(ish) mile run on all of the beautiful new trails winding through the Greater Bragg Creek area. This is an unsupported, unmarked run on some of the best single-track trail Kananaskis has to offer. This run is will be very challenging and solo runners should not use this as their first 50 mile run. Participants are encouraged to treat this as a relay run with three legs ranging from 20 - 45km in length. The purpose of the run is to raise money and awareness for the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association. Please consider donating to them to ensure we are able to continue to play on these fantastic trails.

Run for the Braggin' Rights – 50M  (facebook)

Feb 22, 2015

Team BRR.....  

It was a somewhat snowy run on Saturday, and we had a determined group once again.  It was good to see a few who had not been out for a while. 

Nothing too grandiose to report, other than it was lots of fun as usual, with the requisite coffees, mochas, waters, hot chocolates, Gatorades, flavoured waters, juices, Perriers, Labatts Blues, ... no, wait, sorry, I’m commingling a couple of events... there was no beer consumed at the rec center Saturday morning... at least none that I am aware of... although some people do bring their own beverage containers... hmmm.

Here is a note from Sandra Alwood about her recent half marathon run in California at the Rose Bowl.. congrats Sandra.

It was a fantastic trip to LA in terms of weather. Sunny and  +30 was a nice escape from winter.

The race course took me by surprise and humbled me.  Here I was after my first km thinking, wow I am really on target for a PB... Then all of a sudden we go off the pavement onto a dirt pathway.  17 km of dirt, sand, rocks and a steep hill with a switchback brought me back to pavement for the last 3km.  Who thought cross country was so technical and tough?  Lesson learned ... If a detailed description of the course is not on the website, e-mail the race director to avoid surprises.  I am glad I did it and more thrilled that there were no elites or Kenyans.  It gave me the opportunity to place first in my age category.

Sandra also mentioned a $2.2 million car they saw.. driving.. on the road.. in traffic!   Ah, some people just don’t know what to do with their extra change.

Also, Rick Charlton is a member of our club, and also race director of the Millarville race in June.  Best wishes to him with that, and here’s a note from him about the race.  We will support him as we can.

..... the Millarville "Run To The Farmers' Market" Half Marathon race day coming up on Saturday, June 13. This is a half marathon, a two person half marathon relay (legs of 9 KM and 12.1 KM) and the COBS Cinnamon Bun Run 8-Miler.

Registrations are up 90% year-over-year to date so far. Going strong. Full details and registration at and Facebook at .

That’s it.  See you on the road.


Feb 20, 2015

BRR Team...

Okay, so I’ve been away for the week on holiday.  Nothing exotic, just hanging in Fernie for the week.  No skiing unfortunately as the hill does not seem conducive to skiing, but very balmy for some nice runs around town. 


All that as a mea culpa for missing the update earlier this week.  And, just to reiterate, it won’t be my last mea culpa!  Just sayin’.


Here is a quick update before the run tomorrow.. and yes, we run tomorrow!  We had 8 runners last week.  4 of us headed out around the vet loop, and 4 others ran around town.  The sidewalks were somewhat icy, but no wipeouts or injuries to report!  Good runs all.

Have you planned your races or fun runs for this year?  Police Half is coming, as is the Calgary Marathon, Mother’s Day Run, our own Friendship Run (May 18!) and K100.  And that’s just a partial sample up to mid-June.  Make some plans and have some fun.

Below are two links.  One is from Erik that he thought might be of interest to some. It would be and looks very cool.  The other is from Wayne Gaudet (yes, he’s still alive, just spending some quality time at his digs in Exshaw these days).  Click on the link, go to National Championships, and then National Champions, and lookee who we see!  Congrats Wayne, an excellent feat once again.

See you all  (some?), (perhaps more than 8?), tomorrow.


Here is Erik’s link to the PACE Sports Fitness summer trail running camp.  It does look interesting, and there are other options in Canmore and others.  Check it out.

And the link from Wayne to the Association of Canadian Ultramarathoners.  Go Wayne Go!

Okay...I’m done.  J

Feb 10, 2015

BRR Team...

We had a small-ish group out for a run this past Saturday.  I believe there were seven runners, one future runner going for a three-wheeled ride, and a few more coffee-ers afterwards.  It was great running weather.

The runners, as is the way, went off in various packs (I’m actually not sure if you can call two people here and two people there a “pack”, but I’m going with it), with some going north side of the river, and some going south side of the river.  But, like the swallows of Capistrano, everyone knew their way home and all wound up back at the rec center for coffees of various sorts.  

Well, Tannis was drinking something green... and she explained it to me... I guess it was uber-healthy and all... but I think I blocked out the memory.

We were chatting about and looked over through the looking glass, into the curling rink, and there was Chuck, waving at us as his team fought the good fight on the curling rink.  Chuck was looking all-a-dapper as he swept the rocks, bedecked in curling gear, and a fedora!   Fancy...

Below is a post that Chad pointed out, of interest regarding the results of last year’s Calgary Marathon.  Andrea Glover, who has on occasion run with us, was impacted by some changes.  In a positive way.  Check it out.

Also, I have re-posted Richard’s email from last week.  Please contact him to discuss if you would like.

And, in conversation with John, the Friendship Run, this year, will be on holiday Monday, May 18.  Just trying to mix it up!  Put it in your calendar, and more info to come.

Until next week....


Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Honours Rightful Top Marathon Female Finisher of 2014 After 1st Place Winner Disqualified by IAAF

The Calgary Marathon Society is celebrating three local running heroes who didn't stand in their rightful podium place in 2014. A ruling by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), disqualified the results of the top finisher, Emily Chepkorir. Chepkorir previously tested positive for Nandrolone (anabolic steroid) at races in Guatemala on January 26 and Mexico on March 2; all subsequent results are disqualified and she is ineligible to compete until April 5, 2016.

1st place Maria Zambrano, 2nd place Nadine Mueller and 3rd place Andrea Glover

The top three women have been alerted and are being properly compensated for their outstanding race day efforts with the rightful prize money. Maria Zambrano, of Calgary, is awarded 1st place in the woman's marathon, Nadine Mueller, of Canmore, placing second and Andrea Glover, of Nanton, Alberta, placing third.

The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon has already adjusted the 2014 marathon results. "We can change the results and award prize money, but the athletes never get that day back," says Calgary Marathon Society Chair, Dan Ouimet. "On behalf of the Calgary Marathon Society we acknowledge their winning performances and congratulate their efforts and invite them to return to compete in the 51st Scotiabank Calgary Marathon."

For a complete list of athletes currently serving a period of ineligibility as a result of an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under IAAF Rules visit:

And from Richard:

Club Vitality:    The final item in the minutes from our AGM in November mentions that I agreed to look into how we can revitalize the club. Now that the holiday season is over it is a good time to start collecting ideas and suggestions from members. 

As you are all aware the average age of our members is quite high. Many of our members are either retired or semi-retired giving them the time and opportunity to travel. Understandably there is not the same commitment to club activities. Somehow we need to revitalize the club.

Changing the date of the SRRR will hopefully get more young runners involved with the participation of some school groups. I have already been in contact with some teachers and have positive responses so far. The next thing is to find out from the schools how we can best accommodate them. I hope to meet with the school athletic directors at their Spring meeting. Maybe we can retain some of these runners as regular participants.

This is where my thoughts are, and still thinking. If you have any comments on this subject or any ideas please pass them on to me. When we get a few ideas together we can decide on a course of action. This could be an agenda item for our Spring meeting.

February 3, 2015

BRR Team...

Berry is taking a break from doing the newsletter, and, go figure.... I volunteered!  Thanks to Berry for putting out all the weekly updates over the last few years.  I’ll give it a go.  I’ll try and get something out weekly, or maybe bi-weekly.... or as the mood strikes.  J

I was out of town on the last two Saturday runs so I don’t know how they went.  No doubt there were people who ran.  No doubt there was snow.  Maybe some cold.   I’ll go not too far out on a limb and say fun was had.   And afterwards, coffee was consumed and stories were told.   

The Christmas party was a couple of weeks ago at Larry’s house, and as usual it was a great event.  It’s always nice to be able to talk with the team when it’s not after a run and we’re not looking for a shower.   Attached is a pic of Chad at the party, looking rather dapper (with a ghostly Richard looking over his shoulder...hmmm).  And thanks to Larry for once again opening up his house to have us all in.  He’s a great host!

If you have any news you want to share with the group you can send it to me at this address:  ...   I’ll get it out on the next update.

Thanks!  And the first update, from Richard, follows...