Big Rock Runners 

  Okotoks Running Club

Big Rock Runners Award

Big Rock Runners Award

The Big Rock Runners wish to recognize dedication to distance running, with an annual award of $500.00 to a graduating high school student.  The applicant must  either reside within the Okotoks town boundaries or attend a school within the town. 

 Criteria to be taken into consideration:

  • A valued team member who is dependable, co-operative and supportive of others.  Coach's recommendation.
  •  Determination to succeed in school and working to full potential.  Teacher's recommendation.

 The application must include the student's:

  •  Full name  -  School
  •  Residential address/rural land description
  •  Coach's recommendation
  •  Teacher's recommendation

 In approximately 250 words describe your running activities over the past two years.  Give an account of any community activities, personal interests and how this award would assist you with your future plans.  Explain why you should be considered for this award.

Forward your application by the end of May to:

Big Rock Runners (Awards Committee)
PO Box 50024, Cornerstone Plaza 
Okotoks AB T1S 2E0