Big Rock Runners 

  Okotoks Running Club

Saturday morning run

Saturday Run!

When:  Every Saturday at 9am  (rain, shine, sleet, snow, hail, tornado...) at the Okotoks Recreation Centre.

Who:  Runners of all abilities:  fast, slow, short distance, long distance, marathon training, 5k speedwork, walking wounded (yup, always a bunch of those).

How long:  The run is generally from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the group you sort yourself into. 

Where:  Loop the pathways by the river, run around the neighbourhoods, or head out onto the grid roads for some longer training.  We do it all.  We run the Vet Loop, Chuck Loop, River Loop, Drake Pond, Goose Poop Loop, etc.  (yeah, trying to be creative at naming ...)

Why:  Because you like to run, and like the social aspect of running with others.  To meet others with similar training goals.  To train for a specific race.  

More Why:  Again.... because you like to run, and so do we.  

Coffee:  ...of course.  After the run the talking begins!  


Dust off your shoes, join us and...



See you Saturday!